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Five exceptional sites to rediscover the joys of cross-country skiing


Walk in the footsteps of the Olympic champions, get drunk on grandiose panoramas, introduce children to the joys of spatulas in the tracks … even without slopes to descend, the mountain offers, from the Jura to the Pyrenees, a thousand opportunities to revel in gold White.

In Font-Romeu, starred slopes

Martin Fourcade made his first kilometers of track there before becoming five times Olympic biathlon champion, why not you? It is on this modest working base that amateur cross-country skiers can attack the Calme plateau, at an altitude of 1900 meters, above Font-Romeu in the Pyrénées-Orientales. A blue track in the name of the athlete allows you to relax, before continuing to the peak of Mauroux and reaching, even further, the panoramic view of the Cerdagne valley. Unless you prefer to do your thighs in the Têt valley along the river that descends from Lac des Bouillouses towards the Mediterranean. After a few days of warm-up, there is no doubt that you will have enough energy to embark on the Germans Fourcade biathlon stadium (“the Fourcade brothers” in Catalan), which starts at the National Center for altitude training, with a loop of cross-country skiing and a shooting range, open to the public. Because we’re not here to laugh.

At Lamoura lake, love and slide

Near Lake Lamoura (the highest lake in the Jura), you can set off on the Transjurassienne route, or opt for family outings on skis.

“Have you ever done Lamoura-Mouthe?” “ It is with this warm question that a founder asks another if he has already covered the 68 kilometers which separate these two villages of the Jura and the Doubs and validates the accomplished duty: to have passed the “Transju” (shortcut of the Transjurassienne). This cross-country ski race, open to 1,800 skiers for its most popular event, should have been held on Sunday February 14, as the preliminary question suggests, but it was canceled for health reasons.

Never mind. The valley of Lac de Lamoura (the highest lake in Jura), located at an altitude of 1,155 meters on the edge of the Massacre forest, can cause sweats – not from fear but from effort – to whoever wants. The place, vast and wildly beautiful, is twenty minutes from the resort of Les Rousses. It is the starting point for the sports race, but also for family ski outings. Around the lake, bordered by a bog, is also suitable for snowshoeing. It is not uncommon for skaters to launch out on the frozen surface for a few slides, in love if their heart tells them.

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