Monday, March 1

Emmanuel Macron and the border dilemma

It is a new “at the same time” that he must build and which he did not expect: the European Emmanuel Macron convinced and convincing, and Emmanuel Macron, first protector of the French and their health are they compatible at a time when the Covid crisis intensifies and our neighbors are getting cold? Before the famous variants upset the government’s plans and before the European Council met on January 21, France remained one of the last integrated countries to have not yet tightened its entry conditions into its territory by imposing a test for travelers from the European Union (EU), unlike Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain or Portugal, who requested tests at their borders PCR.

A fierce desire to prioritize common measures within the Twenty-Seven and to ban any unilateral decision for the President of the Republic; a glaring apathy and lack of political courage for some of his opponents. The opposition’s indictments are not lacking: several members of the Republicans, in particular party president Christian Jacob and the President of the Senate Gérard Larcher, urged the Head of State to take protective measures at the borders. More recently, even the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, joined the ranks: “Temporarily, we must slow down the pace of arrivals. I am not saying that it is an absolute, in reality we know very well that the variant will end up landing everywhere, but if we want to prevent the contagion from being too rapid and coming to embolize our hospitals, we must slow down its arrival and have restrictive measures, “he asked on January 21 on LCI.

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