Wednesday, April 14

A series worn by Mylène Farmer struggles to find a broadcaster

Mylène Farmer walks for Jean Paul Gaultier in 2020. – Laurent Vu / SIPA

All the ingredients for success are there and yet the producers are struggling to find a broadcaster. Mylène Farmer would be ready to play the heroine of a miniseries in six episodes, entitled Condemn to kill and created by Michel Catz for the company Big Band Story, according to information from Point.

French-speaking American Holt McCallany, seen in Mindhunter, is meanwhile ready to give the answer to the French singer. Xavier Gens, the director of Gangs of London, would ensure the staging.

A thriller writer victim of prophetic nightmares

Condemn to Kill is an ambitious transmedia project that features a writer of thrillers victim of prophetic nightmares, whose novels seem mysteriously connected to murders that actually happened.

The project is designed to extend over a site made available to the public in order to “immerse the viewer in the nightmares described by the character played by Mylène Farmer”. For now, Amazon has refused the project and the producers are eagerly looking for a broadcaster.

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