Wednesday, April 14

Best L1 team in 2021, Strasbourg “looks a little more ahead”

Adrien Thomasson (on the left) admitted, “it was far from being our best meeting, we will have to do much better if we want to move up the rankings”, – PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP

  • RC Strasbourg won this Sunday against Saint-Etienne (1-0) in Ligue 1 at the Meinau stadium.
  • Faced with a team decimated by absences linked to Covid-19 and therefore rejuvenated, the Alsatians have still found a way to suffer.
  • Despite everything, this success allows them to rise significantly in the championship standings. They are now 13th, them who until recently struggled for maintenance.

At the Meinau stadium,

Goodbye maintenance, hello Europe! In less than two weeks, the Strasbourgers have completely changed the course of their season. Until then so gloomy with the defeats that followed (11 in 18 days), it has since cleared up. Thanks to their third success in a row in Ligue 1 this Sunday against Saint-Etienne (1-0), the Alsatians are now 13th. Five lengths from the Top 10 and nine from 6th place, which could be synonymous with qualifying for the Europa League.

Are we looking a little too high? “The fire is not far,” laughs Thierry Laurey. The Racing coach recognizes it anyway, he “looks a little more ahead … but not very far”. “We have not yet made the switch but we are on track to do it”, continues his midfielder Adrien Thomasson, certainly referring to a bottom of the table not yet completely left behind. The 18th and barrage, Nîmes, is finally only 8 points.

In short, the people of Strasbourg are not dreaming (yet?) In a big way and this is perhaps also due to their last performance. This Sunday, despite Ajorque’s opportunistic goal (29th) and a few other big chances, they weren’t good. In the game, Stefan Mitrovic’s partners have even often been wandered by a private ASSE of ten players and his coach Claude Puel because of the Covid-19. In the game, in the intentions, in the movements, these rejuvenated Greens were much better than this Racing with almost all of its holders.

“We were a little tired”

“They did not create tons of clear chances either, but they gave us problems in the heart of the game”, confirms Thierry Laurey before admitting to retain “only 3 points, that’s enough for me. Not quite the match, not up to what we wanted to do. “It was far from being our best meeting, we will have to do much better if we want to move up the standings,” said Adrien Thomasson, convinced that the rest will be good. “These points taken will give us confidence and in the game, it will get better and better.”

This is still what this Racing lacks in 2021, the best team in Ligue 1 in terms of accounting. “We were a little tired. We had loaded this week for the next few weeks and it showed, “tries to explain his trainer. “We are going to rest a little and it will be better next weekend”. It will be in Dijon on Sunday. To move away a little more from maintenance and… to get closer to Europe.

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