Wednesday, January 20

The man who sprayed his ex-girlfriend with acid, fled on foot after a police chase of his car

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The security forces and bodies that are looking for the alleged attacker of two women who were seriously injured by throwing acid on them this Tuesday in Cártama (Malaga), including his ex-girlfriend, have detected his car traveling on the A-45 road in the direction of Málaga, after which a long persecution has begun that has resulted in him abandoning his vehicle and fleeing on foot in the Malaga town of Mijas.

Sources that have participated in the monitoring have reported that the car has been detected when it was traveling on the A-45, known as “Las Pedrizas” and that communicates the interior of the province with the Malaga capital, while then continued on the A-7 -way that runs in the province of Malaga along the Costa del Sol- towards Cádiz.

After the car was discovered through a system of license plate reader sensors at around 10 p.m. This Wednesday, a monitoring of his career has been activated in which the Civil Guard and other security forces such as the National Police Corps and Local Police such as those of the Malaga capital or Mijas have intervened.

Several sensors of this device – which is used to locate criminals involved in relevant crimes – have been jumping and have facilitated the track of the vehicle of the alleged aggressor, a 26-year-old young man with numerous antecedents and a restraining order from another woman and whose attack on Tuesday has caused his ex-girlfriend to be hospitalized very seriously in Seville and the friend who accompanied him seriously hospitalized in Malaga.

Several local media have reported that the car had been found abandoned near the Muslim cemetery of Mijas, in the town of Las Lagunas, with no one inside.

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