Thursday, January 21

Lupine proves Sophie Lorain right

Sophie Lorain watching Lupine, in the shadow of Arsene, the extravagant French series that triumphs on Netflix?

If so, Sophie, as talented actress as director, can only note that she was right, last week, to declare in an interview with Press how much everything has changed in television creation.

“The writing, the game, the technology, the lightness of the equipment, the work logistics, the narrative codes (the story telling) etc. »Nothing is the same.

Only a few years ago, no producer or broadcaster would have bet a round on the script of a series like Lupine. Even with the possibility of having Omar Sy headlining. Especially since Sy, the endearing actor without whom the film Untouchables would never have known such success, does not even personify Arsène Lupine. Rather, he embodies Assane Diop, an unconditional admirer of the gentleman detective, created by novelist Maurice Leblanc more than a century ago.

The argument for the 10-episode series (five are currently available on Netflix since January 8) could not be simpler. Assane (seen as a young boy and as an adult) wishes to avenge the death of his father, driven to suicide after being falsely convicted of stealing a necklace of several tens of millions that belonged to Queen Marie- Antoinette.


From the first seconds of the series, you have to put on your hat because things are moving. Above all, you should not be in search of logic or plausibility. Lupine has nothing to do with the series Arsène Lupin, broadcast at 2e ORTF channel in the early 1970s, with the ineffable Colombo or Murdoch Mysteries, all in line with traditional detective series.

If Assane Diop is not Arsène Lupine, he has all the characteristics. Like Lupine, Assane is facetious, elegant and reckless; he is daring and flirtatious, he changes pace and transforms with the speed of Arturo Brachetti and, like “Robin Hood”, he steals from the rich to give to the poor. In addition, he has the charm of James Bond with women. To play all these facets of the character, we could not have found better than Omar Sy, an actor with a charisma to seduce the most inflexible spectator.

Despite her extravagance and madness, despite not following any traditional rule and defying all consistency, Lupine in just a few days became one of Netflix’s 10 most popular series in 90 countries.


Last weekend, an absolutely unusual fact, it topped the charts for the most watched shows in the United States. As a direct consequence of this unprecedented success, Hachette, in partnership with Netflix, has just reissued Arsène Lupine, gentleman burglar. Sales are such that the book is already in reprint.

In his interview with Press, Sophie Lorain has revealed that she is writing with Alexis Durand-Brault a very special series which will transport us to the world of mental health “with a unique and benevolent point of view”.

Even if the senior vice-president of Radio-Canada, Michel Bissonnette, declared Monday at the CRTC hearings that the “role of the public broadcaster is to take more creative risks” than the private company, it is on Crave, Bell Canada’s digital platform, that we will see this “very special” series from the Lorain-Durand couple. Find the mistake !

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