Tuesday, January 26

Arms trafficking: ten people, including two soldiers, arrested in France

This crackdown was ordered by Parisian investigating judges charged since June 25, 2020 with judicial information for “acquisition, possession, transfer, transport of category A and B weapons in assembly“and”conspiracy“, specified the judicial source.

The network is suspected of having supplied weapons to drug traffickers and ultra-right sympathizers, said the source familiar with the matter.

According to information from the television channel, confirmed to AFP from a source close to the case, the suspects “were arrested across Ile-de-France, the east but also the south of France“by the brigade for the repression of banditry (BRB) of the Paris judicial police.

One of the two soldiers arrested works at the Ministry of Defense and the other is assigned to a base in eastern France.

A former soldier or even a gun enthusiast sympathizing with the ultra-right“are also among the suspects, said TF1.

Their custody can last up to ninety-six hours.

Some suspects bought from private collectors assault rifles, automatic pistols, machine guns rendered inoperative, according to the first elements of the investigation unveiled by the channel. “This arsenal was then made active again, remilitarized, before being sold on the black market to the highest bidders.“, adds TF1.

Contacted by AFP, the Ministry of Defense had not reacted in the early evening.



Robin Rivaton, economist.By Robin Rivaton


France, Paris, December 14, 2019, portrait of François Bazin.Francois Bazin

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Nicolas bouzou

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Jean-Maurice Ripert, Ambassador of France.By Jean-Maurice Ripert


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