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Adamari wanted to look elegant in a black dress, but she is questioned if this year she is going to lose weight

PHOTO: Mezcalent.

  • Adamari López appears in a dress looking spectacular and users criticize her
  • They ask him if this year he is going to lose weight or not
  • The Puerto Rican driver has been the victim of numerous comments where, unfortunately, all of them are directed at her body

Photography Adamari López figure. It is not free! Adamari López returns to be the victim of numerous criticisms on social networks, where users question the Puerto Rican if this year she will lose weight or “she will spend her crying.”

Despite the fact that Adamari López has an unparalleled beauty, being one of the most beautiful and loved Hispanics in the middle of the show, that has not stopped many users from going against Luis Fonsi’s ex, constantly criticizing her figure.

Today was no exception, since again the host was the target of criticism after the entertainment program, A new day post a picture of her, sporting a wide smile in front of the camera.

PHOTO: Instagram. Adamari Lopez

In the snapshot, it is possible to see the soap opera actress showing off a black dress with white balls, accompanied by a black belt with gold details, an accessory that highlighted her figure a little more.

At the foot of publication, the program A new day wrote the following message: “With a smile from ear to ear, that’s how @adamarilopez receives them and that’s how we want them to get up every morning. #A new day”.

Despite the fact that the Puerto Rican driver looked spectacular with that outfit that contrasted with her tanned skin, users had no decorum and began to criticize the figure of Adamari López in the photograph, arguing that she once again had extra pounds.

Where many other Internet users asked the ex-wife of the singer Luis Fonsi if this year she was going to lose weight or if she was just going to cry like last year, even calling her “doña” despite the fact that the driver has only 49 years old.

You can see the photograph published by Un Nuevo Día where Adamari López appears here.

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