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Why do influencers all move to Dubai?

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara facing the setting sun of Dubai – © Nabilla Vergara / Instagram

  • Jazz and Laurent, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara, Manon and Julien Tanti, we can no longer count the star couples from social networks who have gone to live in Dubai.
  • The city allows them both to enjoy a paradisiacal setting all year round, but also to grow their business.
  • What are the reasons, personal and professional, why are all French influencers going into exile in the United Arab Emirates?

A dazzling sun, sand as far as the eye can see, crystal-clear water … It may be in the middle of winter, the photos that smell good 30 ° C continue to appear before our eyes when we open Instagram. No, it is not because of your friends who left to take the pill without warning you, but rather thanks to the influencers who are more and more numerous to put their suitcases in Dubai.

The star couples of the reality show Jazz and Laurent, as well as Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia, were among the first to launch this trend. Since then, they have been joined by the biggest names in influence: Nabilla and Thomas Vergara (8 million subscribers on Instagram between them), Manon and Julien Tanti (7.5 million fans) or even Caroline Receveur and Hugo Philip (4.6 million followers). But why are these celebrities all flying to the United Arab Emirates?

For more security

Part of the answer lies in the question that has just been asked: they are celebrities. And like all of them, they value their privacy when their phone’s camera is not activated. Star of Marseillais, Maeva Ghennam is one of the last to join Dubai. Two months ago, the 23-year-old was assaulted outside her home in Marseille. “I do not feel like staying in France, I do not feel very safe in France because someone came to attack me in front of my house, in my garden”, she then confided on Snapchat after this traumatic episode .

“One of the main reasons influencers move to Dubai is undoubtedly security, especially for those who have children or want to start a family,” says the influencer marketing company Kolsquare at 20 Minutes. There, they almost return to a form of anonymity and that is a big game-changer on a daily basis. ”5,000 kilometers from France, Dubai therefore allows influencers to take out their sunglasses only to protect their eyes, and not to go incognito.

To pay less taxes

One number: zero. In Dubai, no income tax is applied, or even corporate taxes, unless they are companies in the oil and gas industry, which is likely not the niche for influencers. . Rather, they prefer to launch their own brands, such as Nabilla Beauty, Osée Beauté or JTbyTANTI. “The tax domiciliation of the activity of influencers outside France can indeed theoretically be linked to an optimization of their income”, answers Kolsquare.

However, this would not be a major argument. “Each case is unique, each tax situation is unique, and we must be careful not to generalize and caricature influencers,” notes the influencer marketing agency.

To grow their product placements

Besides source of income for reality stars: product placements. In story or on their Instagram feed, sponsored posts have become legion. In order to have the best possible rendering, what could be better than palm trees and azure blue water? And this, from January to December. “The city makes it possible to imagine creative devices throughout the year thanks to access to“ all seasons ”and to all types of landscapes within a radius of a few kilometers: beaches, desert, city, ski slopes” , enumerates Kolsquare.

“When you’re an influencer in Dubai, you can imagine promoting boots for winter skiing and three minutes later finding yourself on a yacht promoting a swimwear brand,” the company explains. It makes it easier to design and create content for the brands that ask for you. “An advantage which is not negligible at a time of the health crisis of the coronavirus which imposes, in France, constraints such as the wearing of the mask or the curfew on brands and influencers who want to carry out their collaborations.

What is the lease with Dubai?

Sun, tax benefits, an idyllic setting, you don’t find that only in Dubai. The Bahamas and Mauritius meet these criteria very well, but the city of the United Arab Emirates pampers its future inhabitants. “Many already specialized agencies offer Western and French influencers the best possible installation conditions, made possible by an ease of integration rarely seen elsewhere since 85% of the inhabitants of Dubai are expatriates”, note one on the side of Kolsquare .

And then in the Bahamas, the skyscrapers rise lower… The city of the Persian Gulf, for its part, “offers a real and new facility for creating content throughout the year thanks to its multifaceted aspect which allows creation in all possible and imaginable conditions ”, which makes it one of the most instagrammed places in the world. The new season of Marseillais, whose filming begins in January, turns elsewhere… in Dubai. What will definitely convince the last “frates” of the Bouches-du-Rhône to join the city?

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