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Feminicide: Yasemin, mother of four, killed by her ex-partner in Strasbourg

It is in the forest of Vendenheim (Bas-Rhin), north of Strasbourg, that the lifeless body of Yasemin Cetindag was found Monday, December 28 in the morning. The young woman, 25, had disappeared five days earlier. Her family, worried about not hearing from this young mother of four, had shared messages on social networks. She was pictured there, smiling, next to her big sister.

According to the police investigation, it was in the bathroom of her apartment in the Green Mountain district, in the west of the Alsatian capital, that she was murdered by her ex-spouse. Her children – the eldest is almost 8 years old, the youngest is 1 year old – were present. Elements reported by the children to the police and to the family suggest that they witnessed, at least in part, the events. According to Latest News from Alsace, the autopsy performed on Tuesday, December 29 on the body of the young woman shows that she died of strangulation. But his body also bore several stab wounds which suggest that the murderer was after his victim.

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The police quickly escalated to Yasemin Cetindag’s ex-companion. Three days after this disappearance, Savas O. was arrested along with an acquaintance who allegedly helped him clean up the crime scene, transport the victim’s body and get rid of it. In police custody, the 42-year-old man allegedly confessed to his crime. Monday evening, he was indicted for “murder on spouse or ex-spouse”. His accomplice, a 48-year-old man, is being prosecuted for “concealing a corpse and altering a crime scene”. The two men were remanded in custody, the prosecution said.

Complaint and handrails

As in many feminicides, the motive that emerges is that of a man who does not accept the break-up and separation with his partner. According to Latest News from Alsace, an argument would have broken out. One of the children reportedly said that Savas O. caught his ex-girlfriend talking to another man and couldn’t stand him.

Leyla Cetindag, Yasemin’s big sister, talks about Savas O. about a man
angry and violent who had already hit his partner when they lived together. “She had told me about beatings, she had already had a mischief in her eye”, she tells the World. She also claims that Yasemin had filed a complaint and filed handrails. “To my knowledge, she did not withdraw them. I don’t understand why it wasn’t further ”, she asks herself. It does not exclude that the ” beautiful family “ could then exert pressure.

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