Wednesday, December 1

Migrants: the Covid risk as an argument for granting humanitarian protection?

It is a court decision that could be landmark. The Milan Court has ruled that the risk of Covid in a migrant’s country of origin could be a valid reason for granting humanitarian protection to those who have been refused political asylum or war refugee status.

Each situation must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. But a pandemic, in a country already plagued by scarce medical resources, poverty and political and social unrest, are all arguments that can lead justice to consider the repatriation of a migrant as a risk.

Migration flows which have also sharply intensified in 2020 across the Mediterranean. The Italian authorities recorded 34,000 arrivals, almost as many as the cumulative total for the two previous years. It is a little less than in Spain (39,000), the first route of entry into Europe for migrants. For its part, Greece has recorded more than 15,000 arrivals this year.

Despite the bad weather conditions, landings on European soil continue. A hundred migrants stranded on a beach in Lampedusa, where they were immediately taken care of and subjected to Covid tests. The island’s reception centers are overwhelmed. They mainly accommodate Egyptians, Syrians, Tunisians, Iraqis, Turks, or Afghans.


  • Branman7143

    That means the corona virus really is a hoax made by the mega corps to get people to do and submit to whatever they want us to do! They’re breaking their own social distancing logic in order to achieve their goals! Only bootlickers will defend the idea of allowing more immigrants to come it during the pandemic.

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