Wednesday, January 20

“Listens” trial: Nicolas Sarkozy denounces “infamies”

Nicolas Sarkozy, at the resumption of his trial in the wiretapping affair, denounces “infamies”, with which he “has been pursued for six years”. Appearing for corruption and influence peddling, the former president is the first in the Fifth Republic to appear in court on such grievances.

At his side, Thierry Herzog, his former lawyer, with whom he is suspected of having tried to bribe a high magistrate, Gilbert Azibert, also present this Monday before the court, while he was absent during the first hearing Thursday latest.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s lawyer, Me Jacqueline Laffont, began to plead the “nullity of the entire procedure”, because according to her of “numerous abuses” and “repeated, serious violations” of the rights of the defense in this case.

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