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Tuesday, November 24

Strong tension between Anne Hidalgo and the Greens in Paris

David Belliard, end of September 2020. – Olivier Coret / SIPA

The EELV group at the mayor of Paris will ask the mayor Anne Hidalgo “if she wishes to continue working with [eux] “, Announced Sunday evening the elected David Belliard, in a new access of tension within the municipal majority.

“It is Anne Hidalgo who calls into question our place in the majority by questioning our relationship to the Republic”, denounces in an interview with Liberation the former Green candidate for municipal elections, by expressing his “bruising” against what he describes as “personal insult”.

The imbroglio on a vote

In an interview on BFMTV on Saturday, Anne Hidalgo had judged “shocking” that some elected Greens did not vote on Tuesday for a place in the capital to bear the name of the beheaded teacher Samuel Paty. The Parisian Greens had actually voted for this deliberation, after being surprised that it was taken so soon after the death of the professor.

The usual practice is that there is a five-year delay between the death of a person and their name being attributed to a place. Confusion had also arisen due to a technical incident, which had counted 20 elected representatives from all the groups – including five EELV – among the non-voters. As early as Saturday evening, the EELV group at the Paris Council described Anne Hidalgo’s comments as “fake news”.

“We haven’t changed”

In the same interview, the mayor of Paris invites them to “progress on issues including the Republic”, redoubling the anger of her partners. “We have not changed, we are on a line and values ​​which are the same as those of 2014 and 2020”, commented Sunday David Belliard to AFP: “It is up to her to tell us if our values ​​do not no longer correspond to him. She has to tell us. “

For the EELV deputy for Transport, “what was said is not at all trivial, it was to say that we are not in the republican arc”. “I do not understand, we do a quality job, and our relations were being normalized,” he insisted, referring to the resignation during the summer, pushed by the Greens, of the deputy. to Culture Christophe Girard, a close friend of Anne Hidalgo who had been heard in the context of the Matzneff affair. The head of the municipal group of the Greens, Fatoumata Koné, is due to meet with Anne Hidalgo soon.

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