Thursday, October 28

The Montreal Children’s Hospital wants $ 200 million for its “tanners”

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s new fundraising campaign aims to raise $ 200 million for those it affectionately calls its “tanners”.

“That’s the concept, to help sick children to become tanning again,” explained the president of the Foundation, Me Renée Vézina. We really want to give the children the chance to become tanning again, to do bad things. “

In preparation for two years with the advertising firm Cossette, the campaign should normally have seen the light of day in May. But when the pandemic struck, it was judged that it would be wiser to postpone it until later.

It is therefore in the last few days that the establishment that is frequently called the “Children” has started to reach out to Quebecers, despite the difficult period we are all going through.

“We know that the pandemic has affected several Quebecers, several families, but we have noticed within the community and among our donors that those who are able to give, are giving more at the moment,” commented Me Vézina.

The theme of the campaign – the “tannants” in French, the «little brats» in English – was inspired directly by feedback from parents and doctors.

Thus, the doctors who glance in the waiting room and who see children jumping everywhere say that their little patients are perhaps not “too, too sick”, said the president of the Foundation. .

“And the parents told us that from the moment their sick child became restless again, so that was a good sign, he was healing,” she added, laughing.

Despite the confinement, the children remain sick and the needs are possibly greater than ever, continues Me Vézina. She mentions, for example, an increase in mental health consultations, particularly from adolescents.

This is the hospital’s first major solo fundraising campaign in 28 years. We hope to raise $ 200 million by 2026, which would represent a record in Quebec.

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