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The best cookbooks of 2020

If not going out, we fry, simmer and cook more than ever. To make new culinary discoveries, perfect our techniques and above all be inspired, we immerse ourselves in the best gastronomic works. Selection of novelties that seduced our taste buds (and our eyes).

Flavor | Ottolenghi

A true ode to vegetables and flexitarianism, the new opus by Yotam Ottolenghi – to whom we owe the mega-success Plenty – produced in collaboration with Ixta Belfrage takes us around the world in flavors, multiplying the appetizing vegetable substitutions.

True to himself, he takes us first to the Middle East, before making us explore the best of vegetarian cuisine from around the world, from Vietnam to Italy to Japan. Let’s be honest: the ingredient lists are long, and sometimes unusual, but luckily the chef suggests a few more common foods to replace them.

Over the pages, he teaches us how to balance the flavors and then marry them together, then reveals his techniques to glorify our worthy plants. Impossible to target one or two winning recipes as the whole of the work makes us salivate. It’s the kind of cookbook that we keep preciously our whole life.

A little more veggie | Three times per day

Two years after the publication of his book devoted to desserts, Marilou presents us his “new baby” A little more veggie, a work almost devoid of meaty content.

The young woman says that she herself has initiated a meatless transition since she “wonders a lot about [sa] way of consuming ”. The book therefore follows its “own path”.

We love its simple and gourmet recipes, filled with trendy ingredients, and presented in a minimalist way. We absolutely try the caramelized carrot bisque, the vegan blackberry and blueberry babka, the cheese curd cookies (a nice surprise), or the butternut squash roast, perfect to entertain and impress the whole table.

Mandy’s recipes

The queens of greenery share with us the secret of their tasty salads in their very first highly vitamin-packed book. Smoothies, vinaigrettes, gourmet bowls, desserts and especially endless salads inspired by a multitude of cuisines from around the world.

Among our favorites, the sweet and salty fennel salad, the Greek-inspired souvlaki salad, the habibi salad borrowed from the Middle East and the decadent lumberjack salad, an even more naughty version of the traditional Caesar.

At Lesley’s | Lesley Chesterman

Cooking book

Cooking book

Food critic and gourmet columnist Lesley Chesterman shares her tips with us, after years of culinary explorations, in this book entitled At Lesley’s.

On the menu: more than 100 great classics, including its famous roast chicken called Antoine, its express bolognese or its lemon cake. The whole thing is accompanied by exciting slices of life and a ton of sound advice. To avoid spoiling anything, the photos are enticing and invite you to go into the kitchen on the spot!

To the plate | Ricardo

While we thought that Ricardo had already really done everything to make our life in the kitchen easier, well, he came up with ANOTHER even simpler (and unifying) solution: cooking on the plate.

In his most recent book, the beloved chef delivers quick and accessible recipes, from breakfasts to desserts to snacks, all made on a simple baking sheet, which you simply slide into the oven.

Try its fruit rolls, Shawarma-style tofu and especially the roasted squash with fennel and ricotta. A pure delight!

Meal soups | Genevieve Everell

Unconditional lover of Asian flavors, Geneviève Everell offers us a good dose of comfort to get through winter with her 10th cookbook devoted, this time, to meal soups.

As usual, the chef presents bold mixtures of flavors in dishes combining Asian flavors and various inspirations, such as lobster bisque with Japanese mayo and cheese curds, or an Italian-style ramen with pesto and mozzarella, in addition to classics like beef Tonkinoise or smoked miso.

One thing is certain, with 110 gourmet recipes, there is something for everyone.


It is a book that invites you to travel, far in Palestine, to discover a rich and tasty cuisine. Sami Tamimi, in collaboration with Tara Wigley, makes us discover the flavors of his native country, by immersing us in colorful recipes that smell of spices, sun, fresh herbs. Roasted eggplant with tamarind, fish casseroles in Tahini sauce, fattoush salad with Na’ama butter or a hummus two ways; it is a real culinary journey that is offered to us as well as the secrets of this cuisine rich in flavors and history (s).

Healthy BBQ | Genevieve O’Gleman

When the visit arrives at the last minute on a beautiful summer day, we tend to go out for the traditional burgers-mustard-ketchup. However, it is so easy to prepare a healthy and original meal on the grill without burning your eyebrows, as the nutritionist proves. Genevieve O’Gleman in his most recent cookbook, Healthy BBQ.

We love his recipes for flat breads to make yourself on the barbecue, including the one with lemon ricotta and corn. Otherwise, its super simple grilled tofu salad reminiscent of the taste of meat will become a classic on your summer menu.

BONUS : Those muffins everyone’s talking about | Madame Labriski

Madame Labriski

Madame Labriski

Want REAL healthy muffins, not cupcakes? Madame Labriski presents in her most recent book a multitude of muffin recipes made from her favorite ingredient, date puree, this natural sugar rich in fiber and quality energy.

For breakfast, for a snack, for lunch, for dessert or during a sporting activity, these muffins without added fat promise to fill you up, without weighing you too much.

Even more interesting: it also offers gluten-free, grain-free and vegan options.

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