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Jean-Michel Blanquer announces the recruitment of reinforcements and bonuses for teachers in 2021

The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced recruitments and new bonuses for teachers, Monday, November 16, after a meeting with their unions.

From May 2021, a new bonus will be paid to teachers during the first fifteen years of their career. “A third of full professors will be increased from 2021”, announces the Minister of National Education. This bonus will amount to 100 euros per month for those who entered teaching last (those of the 2e step) to 36 euros per month for those with more seniority (at step 7). It is added to the annual bonus, already announced, of 450 euros for school directors.

To equip themselves with computer tools, particularly useful because of the pandemic and the courses now given at a distance for some high school students, an annual bonus of 150 euros net will also be paid.

Finally, the minister announced the recruitment of contract workers, in particular to replace teachers. “Five to ten percent of the teaching staff – or between 40,000 and 80,000 people” indeed meet the criteria of vulnerability to Covid-19. Numerous calls to strike “Sanitary” have been launched since the start of the school year, in order to request the implementation of more stringent protocols within establishments.

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