Thursday, October 28

Hungary wants to cement ‘gender’ in constitution

The Hungarian government tabled on Tuesday, November 10, a draft amendment to include in the constitution that “The mother is a woman, the father is a man” and define sex as only that of birth.

“Hungary protects the right of children to identify themselves on the basis of their sex”, is it written in the draft text sent to parliament by the Minister of Justice Judit Varga. “Education is provided in accordance with the values ​​based on the constitutional identity of Hungary and Christian culture”, can we also read.

Since May, it is already legally forbidden to register a change of sex in the civil status in this central European country, a member of the European Union (EU), whose Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, in power for ten years without interruption, promotes “Illiberalism”.

Already condemned by European justice

This new constitutional amendment project comes at a time when Budapest is opposed to a proposed mechanism conditioning the payment of European funds, in particular on respect for the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, which guarantees among other things the rights of sexual and gender minorities. The community mechanism must be approved by the States by a qualified majority and Viktor Orban threatens to veto the entire budget if this principle is adopted.

The UN, the Council of Europe, the OSCE and the EU regularly accuse Mr. Orban of passing laws that are inconsistent with European law and values. In the past, Hungary has been condemned by European justice for non-compliance with its commitments, since its accession in 2004, and for the primacy of Community law over national legislation.

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