Thursday, June 17

Provincial government develops a plan for the “fair and equitable” distribution of the vaccine against COVID-19 | The Canadian News

The federal government has already announced that it expects distribution of the vaccine to begin in January, so all levels of government should already be beginning to develop their distribution plan.

Rodrigo Diaz M.

Amid promising news about the development of a coronavirus vaccine, Ontario’s health minister has revealed that the province is working to create a “fair and equitable” plan for vaccine distribution.

Pfizer said yesterday that a look at data for its coronavirus vaccine suggests that the injections may be 90% effective in preventing COVID-19, putting the company on track to apply for approval in the United States by the end of the month. this month.

“It is absolutely wonderful news that a vaccine that is going to be very effective will be available soon,” said Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott.

“We have a group within the ministry of health that is making arrangements for when a vaccine is available to start its distribution, determining who will be the first group of people to receive the vaccine, and so on.

“There is a lot of work to be done around that, but it is the planning that has to happen to make sure we have a fair and equitable response for everyone.”

Experts have warned that although the news from Pfizer is positive, there are still many unknowns and it does not necessarily mean that the distribution will be immediate or as planned.

Canada is one of several countries that have signed an agreement with Pfizer to secure millions of doses of its vaccine. Canada has also signed agreements with several other companies that are currently working to find an effective vaccine.

Elliott said there will be “many challenges” with distributing a COVID-19 vaccine, including potential refrigeration or freezing requirements.

“So we really need to have a very detailed plan for when we get the vaccine doses, and as soon as we get them, we need to be ready to distribute them so that people can get the vaccines as quickly as possible,” said Elliott, who He added that the health ministry will have a plan available for the next few weeks.

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