Wednesday, February 24

Primary school students in Berlin are said to have threatened the teacher with beheading in front of the class

Shock at the Berlin Christian Morgenstern primary school: Like that “Tagesspiegel” reports that a Muslim student is said to have threatened his teacher with beheading. The head of the school, Karina Jehniche, told the newspaper that.

“Then I’ll do the same with you as the boy did with the teacher in Paris”

Accordingly, the teacher reminded the students of upcoming discussions between parents and teachers. Jehniche says the teacher concerned pointed out that there would be “consequences” if the parents did not take part in these conversations. In response, the pupil threatened the teacher with beheading: “If that happens because my parents did not come, then I’ll do the same thing with you as the boy with the teacher in Paris,” he is said to have said, according to the Tagesspiegel . That happened in front of the assembled class – the classmates had to overhear everything.

The student had already attracted attention a week earlier when, during a minute’s silence for the murdered teacher in Paris, he said that people should be killed who had insulted the prophet.

On October 16, an Islamist 18 year old beheaded the French teacher Samuel Paty near Paris. Paty had previously spoken to his school class about freedom of expression, including showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. The perpetrator, who was shot by the police, killed the teacher for this reason. The act had caused horror worldwide.

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