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Royal biographer is certain: Queen Elizabeth II will abdicate voluntarily in 2021

The Queen is due to abdicate next year. This is what Robert Jobson, the Royals’ biographer, claims. At 95, the monarch is supposed to hand over the throne to Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II (94) has been on the British throne for almost 70 years. But that should change in the coming year. The monarch is to hand over the crown to her son Prince Charles (70). Robert Jobson (64), author of the biography “Diana: Closely Guarded Secret” and many other books about the British royal family, is convinced of that.

On the talk show “The Royal Beat” he said, “I still firmly believe that the Queen will step down when she turns 95.” The monarch will celebrate her 95th birthday on April 21, 2021.

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Royal Biographer: Queen will voluntarily abdicate next year

Jobson’s interlocutor, the Royal reporter Jack Royston, does not believe that the Queen wants to resign, but she comes to a point where she has handed everything over to Charles. “How do you look your son in the eye and tell him he’s not going to be king?” Said Royston on the talk show.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen in 1953 after her father King George VI. (1895-1952) died at the age of 56. Prince Charles is now 70 years old and has been waiting longer than any other heir to the throne to become king. However, many Brits would like him to hand it over directly to his son Prince William (38).

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