Ayuso disavows Aguado for creating "chaos" with the Covid: "There cannot be three strategies" - The Canadian
Monday, November 23

Ayuso disavows Aguado for creating “chaos” with the Covid: “There cannot be three strategies”

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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has disavowed this Saturday her vice president, Ignacio Aguado, of Ciudadanos, for his criticism of the measures taken against the virus because there is an “excess of statements”, which in the opinion of the Popular leader generates “chaos” to the population.

The Madrilenian president asked in the last Governing Council that the cross opinions cease. “There cannot be three health strategies, there is one and if it is the one that is giving results, we must bet on it,” Ayuso defended in statements to journalists, because: “If we all start to have an opinion, the only thing we do is confuse the citizens.”

The only competent authority is the Ministry of Health and citizens have to follow the recommendations and plan that the counselor Enrique Ruiz Escudero has designed, the head of the Madrid Executive has defended before journalists after visiting the exhibition on Gregorio Órdoñez in the City Council of Madrid.

Ayuso has made these assertions when asked about a message on Twitter from his vice president, Ignacio Aguado, who after pointing out the return of Belgium to confinement said: “This is what must be avoided. We cannot walk with half measures or hesitation. We need clear, consistent and forceful measures. We put a lot at stake. “

The Madrid president believes that “nonsense is created” and “there is confusion if everyone thinks about what the Ministry of Health does.”

And he defends that his government is neither relaxed nor confident in the face of a virus that they know is “treacherous”, but that Health “has a plan that is working.” Further, has advocated avoiding “massive closures” and instead applying “surgical measures” so that health and economy go “hand in hand”.

“Measures of a broad brush seem harmful to me”, defended the Madrid president. “Closing is very easy but opening is very complicated,” added Ayuso, alluding to ruined businesses or people who have nothing to eat.


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