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Tuesday, December 1

Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 5G trial

First point I would like to emphasize, because the new Pixel55G smartphone is quite rare in our market much less expensive than Uncle Sam’s. See for yourself.

Google is asking here (I’m rounding up the numbers) $ 800 CAD for its Pixel 5, while south of the border, it’s more like US $ 700, or CA $ 935 at today’s exchange rate. A difference of CA $ 135 to our advantage is significant.

Let’s come back to our two 5G mobiles from Internet giant Google which are offered for 679 (4a 5G) and $ 799 (5 5G) of our tickets.

To offer such phones at this price, Google still had to sacrifice a few features. For example, the 4a 5G is protected by an integral polycarbonate (plastic) housing and is not waterproof.

This allows it to be lighter, 171 g, while offering a screen a tad larger than the Pixel 5 5G, – 6.2 against 6.0 inches. Side by side, almost nothing distinguishes the two Pixels apart from the larger size of the Phone 4a.

In hand, their design remains very dark, we are far from the new iPhone12 and Galaxy Note205G which exude chic and robustness.

But, this is not the goal of Google. On aesthetics, the group deserves a point, because as soon as a device is wrapped and protected by a case, beautiful materials take less importance and it is the desire for longevity that wins.

5G speed of 333 Mb / s

The two 5G smartphones tested here have the same processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G octa-core) and the same graphics chip (Adreno620). The wireless speeds will therefore be identical with the towers of your operator.

For this 5G test, I found a large parking lot in town, free of tall buildings, near 5G cell towers from the operator Telus.

Within seconds, a test with the Speedtest mobile app achieved significantly higher performance than the 4G LTE speeds we’ve seen in recent years.

Suddenly, a total of 505 megabytes were downloaded and uploaded to give respective speeds of 333 Mb / s and 49.3 Mb / s. It’s fast! But it will be even faster when 5G networks mature – which will still take time.

As I mentioned in the iPhone 12 review, 5G network performance shouldn’t be the primary criteria for selecting a new phone.

Like me, you will do the vast majority of your heavy downloads (updates, Netflix videos, etc.) over WiFi at home or in the office — if only to avoid unnecessary consumption of data from the cellular plan.

In short, count above all on 4G LTE for your connections. Moreover, the phones will only use the 5G connection when necessary. Normally, your 5G phone will be connected in 4G LTE to preserve battery life.

Speaking of autonomy, the two Pixel 5 and 4a are respectively equipped with generous batteries of 4080 and 3885 mAh.

Pixel’s strong point: the photo!

This photo of a Lancôme de Corno reproduction was taken while the room is plunged into darkness. Looks like it was taken this morning with the reflection of light from the window! Quite incredible!

Despite the phones’ tiny goals, advancements in computational image processing have been so great in recent years that it’s virtually hard to miss your photos.

Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a, the specifications are identical on both devices. Pixel 5 5G on the left, Pixel 4a 5G on the right.

Offered at great rates, choosing between these two 5G Google mobiles is quite easy. If the plastic shell and lack of waterproofing of the 4a are negligible to you, then this is your phone with the added bonus of a 6.2 ” screen that is not that bulky given the very thin bezels.

Otherwise, the waterproof Pixel 5 with wireless charging (charger sold separately), 8 GB of RAM against 6 for the 4a, an aluminum shell, all CA $ 135 cheaper than the identical device at our American neighbors.

The Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 5G phones are on sale starting today.


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