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Friday, November 27

Adamari López amazes: he steals the camera but the opaque wife of Fonsi

  • The host Adamari López amazes fans with a black dress
  • Águeda López shows off her body with a sexy leopard bikini
  • Just when Adamari steals the camera, Luis Fonsi’s wife overshadows her

Adamari López amazes. After the criticism that the host Adamari López constantly receives, this time she managed to amaze her followers with a dress that made her look great, but all this was overshadowed by Luis Fonsi’s wife, Águeda López, who showed off her body with a tiny bikini .

All this happened when on the program’s Instagram account @unnuevodia They published the photo of the host of the morning show wearing a beautiful black dress, which made her look very good.

In the publication they left a caption next to the image of Adamari that says: “Beautiful and elegant! Did you like the look of our @adamarilopez?.


This caused the amazement of her followers who constantly criticize her for the costumes she wears on the show. This time it was the exception since many Internet users liked the look of Luis Fonsi’s ex-partner: “Very pretty Adamari, a beautiful human being !!”, commented a follower.

“Beautiful! Famous! Simple! Humble ”,“ beautiful from El Salvador, you are the only one in the program ”,“ Very cute and elegant she looks super ”,“ Now they do say that she looks good and at other times she looks bad when she wears ugly dresses because the truth sometimes if they put ugly dresses on her ”were some of the positive messages she received from her followers.

But all this was overshadowed when Luis Fonsi’s wife, Agueda Lopez, showed off her body through the social networks wearing a tiny bikini and a leopard dress.

“Spectacular my Top model”, “Bella, Bella as always!”, “Beautiful God bless you”, “How much discipline in a photo, beautiful”, “The true Model God always bless your family”, “Simply spectacular. Perfection ”,“ You are a Goddess. Spectacular in a bathing suit. The best ”were some of the hundreds of compliments that Fonsi’s wife received, brutally overshadowing the singer’s ex.

Everything seems to indicate that just when Adamari López amazes her followers, the current partner of Luis Fonsi appears to overshadow her by looking much sexier.

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