Tuesday, October 27

From Montreal to Wales

There are many paths to reach the professional ranks and young Quebec soccer players remind us of this in the midst of a pandemic.

A few months ago, we told you about Mohamed Farsi, a young man from futsal (indoor soccer), who got a contract with the Calgary Cavalry of the Canadian Premier League.

Montrealer Noah Eisenberg is not left out as he took an atypical path to become the first Canadian to sign a contract in the Welsh Second Division.

The 22-year-old plays for Llangefni Town FC. Llangefni is located on an island in North Wales and 150 kilometers west of Liverpool, England.

Different path

Eisenberg admits it, he did not take the most common path since he has never played for the Impact Academy or for the National High Performance Center.

“I have never tried with the Impact Academy or with the National High Performance Center. There are many ways to achieve his goal, ”said the midfielder in an interview via Facetime.

It must be said that it was towards the end of adolescence that things started to fall into place, both on and off the pitch.

“I was attending St-George’s school and my coach asked me if I wanted to play CEGEP or go to a prep school in the United States. It gives a lot of visibility for the NCAA afterwards. ”

So he ended up on the East Coast doing a preparatory year in Maine and another in New Hampshire, which opened the door to a scholarship with Birmingham Southern, a university in Alabama. which plays in the third division of the NCAA.

Eisenberg therefore began his studies while playing soccer in 2017, but things quickly changed the following summer.

“My former coach suggested that I go to Belgium during the summer. I was with the Waasland-Beveren reserve in Belgium and saw that I had the level.

“I sat down with my parents, explained to them that my plan could change and my coach in Alabama encouraged me to go. ”

Crochet in Northern Ireland

Eisenberg therefore returned to Belgium, but found that the level was ultimately very high.

“I was there for three months, and then they sent me to Northern Ireland. I signed in the fourth division to end the year in January 2019.

“I came back to Montreal in the summer of 2019 and then had a trial in Wales with a 2nd division team. “

This is where the door opened in Wales, but as he was nearing the end of the transfer window, it was over. So he went back to
Northern Ireland to find itself in front of a bankrupt club.


Eisenberg was therefore forced to return to North America where he continued his studies in sports administration.

He was scheduled to play for a Dakota team last summer, but the plan fell through due to the pandemic and it was then that Llangefni’s option returned to the table.

It must be said that he had always kept in contact with the club through his agent.

He is now waiting to see if he can play this year since things are not very simple at the moment due to the damn pandemic.

“I have been in Wales for a month. The season is at risk due to COVID. We are training and there should be friendly matches.

“Things are not going well in England with COVID and it is not helping us. “

And that’s a shame since this is the first season that the Welsh Second Division has a TV broadcast deal.


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