Monday, October 26

Danna Paola bikini photo: The singer surprises everyone with a bikini photo

  • After calling her “inflated” Danna Paola shuts up all those who have judged her on her physique
  • The singer published a photo of her in a bikini and social networks go crazy
  • They say you’re using too much Photoshop

Danna Paola bikini photo: A few days ago, Diego Di Marco, host of the “Fit Police” section of the morning show Hoy, argued that Danna Paola looked bloated and with extra kilos.

This caused great annoyance in the Mexican, who, according to newspaper sources The Herald and an entertainment magazine asked televisa executives to remove Di Marco from the section.

However, today, the actress slapped Di Marco with a white glove by showing herself on her social networks more beautiful and slim than ever, wearing an impact bikini that would drive more than one of her followers crazy.

PHOTO: Instagram. Danna Paola

The snapshot consists of a single photograph of Danna Paola in black and white, where the singer was posing quite sexy with a two-part bikini and glasses to complete her magnificent look.

In the photograph, which already has more than 2 million “I like you”, it is captioned by the following phrase: “If you were music, I would dance and sing to you for life”

Quickly, the publication was filled with beautiful and burning comments from her followers, who wrote to Danna Paola how sexy she looked.

Among the comments, those of great personalities such as that of the Colombian youtuber Paula Galindo, better known as Pautips, those of the host and singer of the JNS group, Karla Diaz, among others, who highlighted how beautiful she looked.

Of course, his more than 27 million followers did not want to be left behind, since they began to fill the actress of the Spanish series, Elite with cute comments.

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