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Why We Need Transformational Leaders | The NY Journal

A timely transformation is the key to resist or emerge at critical moments.

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Transformational leadership is one that focuses on human capital, one that believes in each individual as the main value of the company and one that knows that transformation is only possible thanks to people.

We all know of old-fashioned corporations doomed to failure or startups that no one was betting on, yet one transformational leader managed to change focus, reverse results, pool efforts, and succeed. Why do some CEOs get the miracle?

A timely transformation is the key to resist or emerge at critical moments. The reward of exercising transformational leadership is reaching the agreement to work together and transmit to the team a constant state of motivation that leads to the proposed goals.

A leader who is able to unite his team, guiding you in the same direction and maintaining your enthusiasm, you will not only achieve business objectives, but also have satisfied workers who are constantly adapting to changes in markets and competition.

The key to transformational leadership is to focus on people so you can anticipate, be innovative, and not settle. This type of leadership, which has nothing to do with autocratic or liberal leaders, is based on the following pillars:

Values ​​are always present. Goethe said that “a great person attracts great people and knows how to keep them together.” That’s the key: Transformational leaders are fair, inclusive, and respectful. Its decisions take into consideration not the corporate benefit, but the consequences for workers, collaborators and the society in which they operate.

Honesty and ethics rule their actions. They know that transmitting values ​​is the best way for them to become a business philosophy and that generates Pride of belonging, which is the surest way to retain talent and increase productivity.

Each individual matters. Whatever the size of the team, care must be individualized and time must be devoted to each. Every company, even the largest, is made up of people with unique needs, different abilities, and different aspirations.

Transformational leadership is concerned with developing tailor-made training programs that generate confidence in the mastery of skills, that stimulate learning, and that satisfy legitimate ambitions.

Allowing everyone to increase their own strengths will make everyone feel a part essential of their team and who wish to cooperate in the achievement of the common good and exchange knowledge. When everyone is valued, everyone counts and everyone participates.

They are inspiring. Transformational leaders know how to manage their emotions. That is why they inspire others: they are not afraid of the future, they convey enthusiasm, they are optimistic, empathetic, influential and they are confident that together they will manage to face any risk.

The consequences of transformational leadership are higher team performance, a better work environment, motivation, emotional well-being, and high competitiveness in the market. Let’s be transformers to transform the world.

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