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Rocío, Quintín’s mother after overcoming breast cancer and freezing her eggs: “Nothing is impossible”

You have a 1.5-centimeter carcinoma on one breast“. Rocío received the worst news at age 37. A decade ago, that breast cancer diagnosis marked a before and after in her life.

This industrial engineer, born athlete and lover of healthy life, prepared herself mentally and physically to defeat him and when she managed to avoid it completely, at 44 years old, she was able to create life and hold her arms to his little Quentin, which already has three.

To do this, as soon as the tumor was detected, he froze his eggs, which remained intact for seven years. He admits that it gave him a lot of relief during the healing process of the disease to know that that door was still open. “This problem you get out of your head“.

Rocío never lost hope of being a mother despite the fact that a handful of cells had played a trick on her. “There is nothing impossible“is the message of hope that Rocío launches on such a day as today, October 19, World Breast Cancer Day.

His story

In conversation with Shop, this Malaga woman remembers her history. He had been dating his partner Quentin for a year, also an engineer and a fundamental support. Suddenly one morning it was noticed a more solid breast lump than usual. He told his mother, who was a health worker, they went to the hospital and had to start looking at the cancer.

Rocío with her partner, Quintín, and the little one.

FJ Cristòfol

Initially everything pointed to a fibroadenoma, a kind of non-cancerous (benign) lump in the breast, but after a biopsy this first good prognosis disappeared. “The first thing they tell you is that you can die and that you probably won’t be able to be a mother,” Rocío recalls.

Shortly after the operation came and she began her chemotherapy treatment with everything that involves physically and mentally, especially also if she wanted to have children. Your ovarian function could be affected and the whole process could even end with an early menopause.

Although her healing process has taken her through public health, Rocío acknowledges that at that time she had a lot of misinformation, which is why she began to ask questions and began to be firm the idea of ​​vitrifying your eggs in order to use them in the future.

Seven years later

He did and seven years after that diagnosis he was born little Quentin in July 2017 with 3,800 kilos of weight and healthy. Although he tried it naturally, once the treatment was finished, he turned to the Gutenberg center (URE) from Malaga, where her eggs were vitrified, and she managed to get pregnant.

In addition, after the healing process, Rocío’s period has returned and she could remain in condition again. In fact, he does not lose hope at 47 years old.

He acknowledges that due to his good evolution in his case it has been possible, but the circumstances may be multiple. That is why he insists that you have to trust the toilets, who will give the necessary guidelines to each woman.

For Social Security

Question.- What would you say to women who may find themselves in a situation like yours?
Answer.- I would tell you that this is a bump in the road from which you will probably come out stronger and live life with more intensity, valuing each moment. Everything can be achieved if you want a lot. Today there are great health professionals, I firmly believe in medicine and thanks to them I can enjoy my family today.

Ten years ago there was not a lot of information about egg vitrification, but today there is. In addition, cancer patients already They can do it through Social Security. “I had money but currently public health allows you to do it and that gives you a lot of peace of mind,” says Rocío.

The expert insight

The doctor Claudio Álvarez Pinochet, medical director and gynecologist specializing in reproductive medicine at the Centro Gutenberg Reproduction Unit (URE) in Malaga, treated Rocío. She was the first patient from this clinic and from the province to become a mother after her illness.

Health professionals from the Gutemberg center in Malaga.

Health professionals from the Gutemberg center in Malaga.


It is a technique that began in 2008 and qToday it is not only used in cancer patients, but also with other women who want to preserve their fertility for other reasons. However, only 15 or 30% return for them, either because they managed to get pregnant naturally or because they finally decide not to have children.

Dr. Álvarez acknowledges that there is ignorance in this regard not only on the part of the patient but also the medical team. However, it ensures that oncologists are now playing a very important role in informing about this alternative. “That is fundamental,” says the expert. In addition, he insists that today if the curative treatment has gone well, “pregnancy does not pose any risk“.

Of course, age is a decisive factor. “Today the cure for breast cancer is very high, 80% manage to recover and live with a good quality of life, but not all of these women are of childbearing ageHowever, if you are over 45 years old you could resort to another technique such as egg donation.

Rocío with her son Quintín.

Rocío with her son Quintín.

FJ Cristòfol

Rocío’s profile was ideal: 37 years old, without children and with a breast cancer with a good prognosis “, assures the doctor, to give life to Quentin, named for family tradition.

The next October 31 will be the saint of the little one, his father and his grandfather. “The first of all, as my father-in-law would say because on November 1, All Saints’ Day is celebrated and he says it is the first”, says Rocío with a laugh. One more reason to celebrate life, that cancer can be beaten and that, as this woman from Malaga says, there is nothing impossible.

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