Saturday, October 31

Madrid honors the victims and insists on dialogue: “Let’s agree common policies”

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The Community of Madrid has paid this Sunday a tribute to the victims of Covid-19, especially those whose bodies were not claimed, with a minute of silence and a floral and musical offering. The president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has insisted on the need to dialogue and negotiate with the central government measures to alleviate the economic effects of the pandemic.

The president has been accompanied by the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the deputy mayor Begoña Villacís and the vice president, Ignacio Aguado in an act in which he defended the management of his Government, which “defends sensible and moderate policies in which health does not confront the economy.”

“For this Government the objective is that there are no infections, save lives. This virus is causing many other pandemics, such as loneliness, due to very severe confinements; and the economic one, that is why I defend sensible and moderate policies in which health does not clash with the economy“, has added.

In this sense, he has defended “common measures and in dialogue with the Government to live with the virus and not finish off the economy.” “Many families have lost everything and they need us, we dialogue, we agree, so that each and every one of us give our best to overcome the most difficult.”

Unclaimed deceased

Ayuso has discovered a plaque on the main facade of the building of the Royal Post Office, headquarters of the regional government, where he has deposited a laurel wreath in memory of all those who died from coronavirus.

Likewise, a minute of silence for the victims of the pandemic, and the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (ORCAM) has interpreted the aria Let me cry (Déjame llorar) from the opera Rinaldo, by Handel.

The regional government explains that last July buried more than fifty deceased due to coronavirus, as the bodies have not been claimed by their relatives, and has dedicated the tribute especially to these victims.

Faced with this situation, the Ministry of Justice, Interior and Victims decided to bury the bodies, which remained in the Institute of Forensic Medicine, one of the provisional corpse deposits launched in the first wave of the pandemic.

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