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Donald Trump incites against Governor Gretchen Whitmer: “lock them all up”

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After a right-wing militia learned about the kidnapping plans of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, US President Donald Trump continues to incite against her in her state.

  • That tried kidnapping from Governor Gretchen Whitmer heats the tension in the USA ahead of the presidential election.
  • Donald Trump continues to turn his followers against Whitmer.
  • News about the 2020 election: All the news and background information about the Presidential election in the USA.

Update from Sunday, October 18th, 2020, 2.45 p.m .: Just over a week after plans to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer were made public by a right-wing militia, rushes US-Präsident Donald Trump again against the democrat. At a campaign appearance in Muskegon, Michigan On Saturday evening (October 17th, 2020) he shouted to his followers: “You have to get your governor to open up your state”, referring to the measures taken to contain the corona pandemic. The audience responded with thunderous applause and began to chant “Lock her up”. “Lock them all up,” replied Trump thereon.

More than a dozen suspects were arrested last week for storming the House of Representatives from Michigan in Lansing and the kidnapping of the governor Gretchen Whitmer should have planned. According to court documents, the men scouted the Whitmers holiday home. “I think they said she was threatened,” said Donald Trumpwhen the calls broke out again. “And she blamed me!” Hopefully so Trump, the people of Michigan would soon chase them away. He then distracted again and asked the FBI to investigate the Antifa.

Michigan: Donald Trump incites against Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer himself upset by the comments: “This is exactly the rhetoric that has put the lives of me, my family and other government officials in danger. It has to stop, ”she wrote on Twitter. Trump also spoke to Hillary Clinton during his performance. “Lock him up”, Trump’s supporters chanted again. “Are we having fun?” Asked Trump. “What better place than a Trump rally?”

USA: Kidnapping of Trump critic Gretchen Whitmer planned

First report from October 9th, 2020: Washington – your enemy was called Gretchen Whitmer. They had had it for a long time Democratic Governor of Michigan Targeted, now they wanted to get serious. The goal of the extremists, who are close to the right wing militia “Wolverine Watchmen”, was clearly outlined. The harsh critic of the US President Donald Trump should be kidnapped and for her “betrayal” of the USA be tried in a vigilante court. At best, they wanted nothing less than one Civil war to instigate.

USA: Right-wing extremists planned to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer

At least that is the allegation against the 13 extremists who are now being held by the authorities in the USA were arrested. Six of the men were formally charged at the federal level. According to the Federal Police FBI, they are also said to have considered storming the Capitol in Michigan’s capital Lansing with around 200 men and “taking hostages”. The plan should therefore be before the US elections to be run on November 3rd.

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer was about to be kidnapped.

©  Uncredited/POOL Michigan Governors Office/AP/dpa

At the end of July one of the suspects said Gretchen Whitmer can best be done on arrival or when leaving your private holiday home or summer residence Governor be kidnapped. In August and September the group observed the holiday home and also tested an explosive device. Apparently, she was considering detonating a bomb under a nearby bridge to prevent the police from intervening during the kidnapping, the authorities further described.

In addition, the right-wing group was apparently trying to support their plans for the right-wing radical group „Wolverine Watchmen“ to merge. According to the public prosecutor’s office, seven men were arrested from this group. “There is a worrying increase in anti-government rhetoric and a resurgence of groups with extremist ideologies,” warned Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel. It is not just about “political differences of opinion”; some of these groups primarily wanted to create “chaos”.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is known as a harsh critic of Donald Trump

Gretchen Whitmer is one of the rising figures in the democratic party. Your Corona-Politics earned her a lot of praise, but also harsh criticism. In the spring she was attacked by right-wing groups because of her tough measures in the fight against the corona pandemic and accused of “tyranny”. Protests by people, some of them heavily armed, at the Capitol in Lansing caused a stir across the country. Michigan is one of the US states that allow private individuals to openly carry firearms.

The low point came on May 1st when the crowd fell into the Michigan State Capitol penetrated. It is not clear to what extent the rhetoric of Donald Trump might have fired the right. In any case, it is certain that Trump expressed his support for the demonstrators. “These are very good people, but they are angry,” Trump had declared and then shouted out on Twitter in his typical way that Michigan should be liberated: “LIBERATE MICHIGAN”.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer also sees the blame on Donald Trump

Gretchen Whitmer herself said at a press conference that she knew when she took office 22 months ago that her job could be difficult. “But to be honest: I could never have imagined something like this.” Then she suggested that alleged extremists like the accused might be away from the US President Donald Trump feel motivated because they refuse to clearly distinguish themselves from white racists.

Whitmer remembered that Donald Trump in the first TV duel against his democratic challenger Joe Biden had refused to clearly condemn right-wing hate groups. “When our leaders speak, their words have meaning, they have weight,” she said. In fact, Trump had encouraged the right-wing radical and violent group Proud Boys with the following words: “Proud Boys – hold back and be ready.” After massive criticism, Trump later rowed back.

Donald Trump reacts indignantly to accusations from Governor Gretchen Whitmer

The submissions of Gretchen Whitmer left too, of course Donald Trump not cold. “Instead of saying thank you” for the successful work of the FBI, “she treats me like a white racist”, explained Trump on Twitter. In fact, he “does not tolerate any extremist violence” and is committed to protecting everyone.

The right-wing extremist militias, some of which are heavily armed, are preparing many people in the United States Presidential election headache on November 3rd, especially since Donald Trump, who lags far behind Joe Biden in surveys, enjoys great sympathy with many right-wing groups. Should Trump lose the election and not acknowledge defeat, it is to be feared that it will be in the USA there will be an outbreak of violence. Some groups are also on one Civil war to hope. (By Christian Stör)

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