Saturday, October 31

Covid-19: French growth should be severely penalized in the fourth quarter

According to a study by Euler Hermes, the restrictive measures against Covid-19 in several countries in the euro area, including France, will have a major impact on the economy.

While many countries, including France, adopt new restrictions to protect themselves from the second epidemic wave, European economies are expected to contract further. This is what emerges from the latest study by the credit insurance company Euler Hermes, which examines the correlation between exposure to health risk and economic growth.

This study takes stock of the current exposure of 12 euro-zone countries to health risk. It highlights the economic risks in three countries where the circulation of the virus is very strong: France, Spain and the Netherlands. Following the new restrictions adopted, such as the introduction of the curfew in France from Saturday, it emerges that the economic impact will be major in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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