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Prepare for the purchase of your snowmobile

The purchase of a snowmobile represents a good investment. In order not to be mistaken, there are basic rules to follow.

To get good advice on the subject, we spoke with the general manager of Lapointe Sports de Joliette, Mr. Martin Gagnon.

“There are two very important criteria to respect when you want to get a snowmobile, explains the expert. First, the future buyer must determine what use he intends to make with his vehicle.

Does he want to do work, trail, off-piste or in the mountains. This will determine in which segment of snowmobile he should choose. The other important element is the budget available to the consumer. With the products Ski Doo, we have a full range in different segments and models in each, with prices that are also different. There is no doubt that we can accommodate a potential buyer, taking into account their choices and their budget. ”

Based on these two elements, we asked the expert to describe to us what he could offer in the Ski-Doo range of products, which he has been selling for several years.

“If we think of the utility segment, there is no doubt that the niche Skandic will be the best choice. It is a real working machine that we offer in different versions. It is equipped with a two-position transmission, which allows you to work at low speed or ride at higher speed using the H position. There is a complete range of accessories that can be added to the snowmobile. either reinforced bumpers, chests, a sled, a chainsaw stand and more. This allows the buyer to be able to customize his snowmobile, according to his specific needs. ”

In the utility lineup, the Ski-Doo Skandic leads the way, offering performance and equipment for enthusiasts who want a utility snowmobile.

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In the utility lineup, the Ski-Doo Skandic leads the way, offering performance and equipment for enthusiasts who want a utility snowmobile.

There are three models in this segment including the new Scandik Sport version. The engines available are the 600 EFI, the latest of the BRP engines, the 600ACE, the 600R E-TEC and the 900 ACE. The starting price is $ 11,994.


When it comes to the mountain segment at Ski-Doo, the name that immediately comes to mind is Summit.

“The Summit range has something to satisfy all the desires of amateurs. We have exclusive models in the spring, the X range. We have the Summit X, the SP model which is a regular in the season and the Free Ride. The latter meets the needs of fanatics with its gas suspension, suitable for people who want to go further. For beginners who would like to discover the mountain segment, I believe that the Summit SP with the 600 R engine, represents the ideal choice. It is easy to maneuver in powder snow, allowing people to familiarize themselves with this type of snowmobile practice, before moving up the scale of the models. ” The heels of the tracks on these models are 2 1⁄2 inches. For the price, we’re talking about a starting amount of $ 14,044.

If you are looking for a trail snowmobile, then again there are some interesting solutions.

“For people who practice long-distance snowmobiling, the Grand Touring is no doubt a safe bet. Whether alone or in pairs, this snowmobile will offer maximum comfort and equipment, which will delight its owner. It is a flagship model in the Ski Doo range. ” The retail price starts at $ 13,344.


Hybrid snowmobiles, with their ability to ride on and off the trail, are popular with many snowmobile enthusiasts.

“A lot of enthusiasts are looking for this type of snowmobile. In our range, we have two different families, explains Mr. Gagnon. First, there is the family of Renegade, with the Sport model which offers the 600ACE and 600 EFI engine, the Adrenaline model with the engine choice between the 600 R E-TEC, the 850, the 900 ACE and the 900 ACE Turbo. Finally, there is the Enduro which comes with the option of the 600R E-TEC, 850 E-TEC, 900 ACE or 900 Ace Turbo engines. In all three cases, these snowmobiles will perform at a rate of 30% off-trail and 70% on trail. The enthusiast can afford to take moderate trail excursions. In this case, the starting retail price will be $ 11,194.

Also in this category, there is the second family of products available, that of Backcountry.

“This is a hybrid model that we can push a little further. I would classify it between the Renegade and the Summit. We can say that this model will perform very well 60% off piste and 40% on trail. In this case, we can speak of a starting price of $ 11,494.00. ”


In this very special time that we are living, Mr. Gagnon reminds us that snowmobiling is a good way to have fun while respecting the standards.

“In this period when we often talk about social distancing, snowmobiling is a good way to respect instructions while having fun. Enthusiasts can customize their snowmobile, add accessories from the BRP LINQ series. Plus, with the arrival of the REV GEN 4 chassis, people can really have fun with their snowmobile. Ease of driving and comfort make all the difference compared to snowmobiles from before. Very often we wonder where the engineers are going to stop but every time they come up with something new. Everything is there to have fun in safety. ”

Before leaving us, the specialist reminded that people must make their choice quickly for the coming winter because snowmobiles take off quickly.

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