Saturday, January 16

Andre Dawson sells some of his most valuable items

Former outfielder Andre Dawson has decided to auction off some of his prizes won in the Montreal Expos uniform.

Thus, the firm Robert Edward Auctions released a press release Thursday specifying that the Golden Glove won by the “Hawk” in 1985 was available. The starting bet for the item was US $ 2,800 and at the time of this writing the highest bet was US $ 4,100. Those concerned have until Sunday to try their luck.

In addition, the company Heritage Auctions offers the Golden Glove obtained by Dawson in 1982, except that here, potential buyers will have to pay a minimum sum of US $ 15,894.

The ex-player played with the Amours from 1976 to 1986 before continuing his career with the Chicago Cubs, then the Boston Red Sox and the Miami Marlins. Over the course of his 2,627 regular-season game, the Baseball Hall of Fame member has captured the Golden Glove eight times and the Silver Stick four times.

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