14-year-old driver exceeded 200 km/h, say Lakeshore OPP

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Essex County OPP are calling attention to a particularly egregious recent case of speeding: An underage driver who was behind the wheel of a sports car that exceeded 200 km/h.

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OPP officers were conducting traffic enforcement in the Lakeshore area during the late night hours of Wednesday and the early hours of Thursday.

Around 1:40 am, an officer clocked a Chevy Camaro traveling 209 km/h on County Road 22 near Wallace Line Road.

That section of County Road 22 is zoned for 80 km/h — meaning the Camaro was exceeding the speed limit by a whopping 129 km/h.

Police stopped the vehicle and soon determined the driver to be 14 years old.

Also in the sports car were two passengers — both 13 years old.

The teenage motorist faces a stunt driving charge under the Highway Traffic Act. The Camaro has been impounded.

Staff Sgt. Jamie Smith of the Essex County OPP traffic and marine division believes the situation could have had a much worse outcome.

“The inexperience of this driver, coupled with the extraordinarily excessive speed, could have resulted in three very young lives being lost,” Smith stated in a release.

“Thankfully, our officers are always out on our community roads, conducting enforcement… These young people are safe today because of that.”

According to Smith, speeding is one of the “Big Four” categories for road fatalities (the others being driving while impaired, distracted driving, and not wearing a seatbelt).

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