10 restaurants in Barcelona for Christmas dinners

Commitments mark these dates. The prices with family members, co-workers, colleagues from the futsal team, members of the Stephen King & mldr book club; Until now, all of these gatherings had been held in nuclear frit holes and overheated dishes, but this year the affair with a bucket of fruit salt ended the next morning. In these restaurants, the triple combination «group dinner-quality food-originality” it’s possible. And do not miss the variety: Against the usual tapas, entrecots and burgers, we bet on quality Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Chinese and national cuisine. As Sergio Ramos said: Morry Crismas!

Trip to the Eixample

Without Borders

The journey to middle East that you couldn’t do with colleagues just turned into a dinner party. Sumac & Mambo It is much cheaper and more comfortable than taking a plane; All you have to do is take a couple of strides to the Eixample and get drunk with exoticism soft of your decoration. If you focus on its grill, the evening will leave its mark. Its menu is full of Middle Eastern dishes with Mediterranean adaptations, so as not to startle the finolis. The spiced beef skewer with naan, charcoal avocado, eel with feta foam and the craft beer tap collection are its winning cards. There is a New Year’s Eve dinner with a guaranteed party until the rooster crows.

Sumac & Mambo: Enric Granados, 30. www.sumacandmambo.com

All to India

Curry, Lola, curry

Enough space to feed two full trains to Darjeeling. Interior design in pastel colors and a warm atmosphere. A loaf of exotic cocktails from which countless tamarind margaritas take off. Little Andaman It is perfect for groups, in fact it has menus for company dinners. On the table, a splendid collection of tapas from South Indian seafood cuisine: dishes to share, ideal for groups with revelry in their blood; attractive flavors, not extreme; containment in spices; different gradations of spiciness & mldr; and more exotic cocktails, which later we all go dancing.

Little Andaman: Muntaner, 182. littleandaman.es

Mexican beach

Blue is your color

Tired of the dinner with the work co-workers always being held in posh Mexicans? Tired of those bagged nachos with several tsunamis of cheddar on them? Tired of those burritos that would make a hungry hyena vomit? This year, you stand up and you all go to a real mexican. What Maro Azul, specialized in seafood cuisine. The fish to size (open in butterfly) stand out with their sauces, the cove-style fish taco and the tuna toast. The restaurant also has a main room where you will not suffer from straits. Two interesting facts: there are special menus for groups and a collection of mezcals that will make you sing the entire repertoire of Luis Miguel at once.

Blue Sea: Roger de Flor, 218. maroazul.com

Pout and fuss

Free Zone

Business dinners tend to have little regard for food: the open bar matters more. Hence, many end up in the usual mediocre restaurants, with the usual bland dishes (prepared with the usual reluctance). Change the wave. The young Winery Pasaje 1986 venerate and care for the yaya’s traditional cuisine and try to be as fair as possible in prices. Xavi Alba, ex Tickets, runs this food house located in the Zona Franca and inhabited by local customers, not a foreigner. Here, the typical din of a group dinner turns into a moaning sonata. In few places have I eaten pig feet so sinful. The Russian salad with straw potatoes is buah! Even something as simple as a fricandó or one escalivada exude ancient epic. Do you hear it? It’s their special menu for groups calling out your boss’s name.

Winery Pasaje 1986: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 162. Local 32. Instagram: @ winerypasaje1986

Pot going

Shichuan exprés

It is more fashionable than the chorus of the song ‘Pepas’. Barcelona has been filled with restaurants specialized in hot pot, the new group dining paradise. At Hot Pot de Shichuan you will live the experience in all its caloric magic. The hot pot consists of placing in the center of the table a be with one or more broths that we will keep warm. In this pot, the raw sweets that rest on the table are thrown, so that they are cooked in the depths of the boiling broth. You can throw greens, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, noodles, meat slices And even your ex’s cell phone, but make it look like an accident.

Hot Pot de Shichuan: Plaza Tetuán, 9. www.hotpot.es

International dinner

Group trip

Located in the heart of the Raval, Chaka Khan adapts to the multicultural character of the neighborhood and tests the gluttony of the visitor with an attractive menu with dishes from all over the planet, from Laos to Mozambique through Morocco. Spacious, with two rooms and one of the best cocktail bars in Chino, this restaurant with the name of a diva is designed to enjoy, share and strengthen friendships. Their colorful and exotic dishes adapt to Mediterranean papillae with ease. Roasted aubergine with yogurt sauce, cachapa with corn and pork arepa, cod in curry and spices & mldr; You will not fit so many stamps in your passport.

Chaka Khan: Hospital, 104. www.chakakhan.es

‘Robata’ of boating

Izakaya love

On one side, the masters of the sushi billing nigiris like they were rhinestones. In the other, a robata It smells like heaven should smell. In this newly minted Japanese tavern you can eat fabled: the sushi and sashimi are of a superior quality, and in its embers, oven and wok jewels such as the Iberian rib lacquered with sukiyaki (pure butter), the katsu sando (Japanese-style chicken sandwich) or the rock mussels. It has tasting menus for groups specially designed so that you can taste the most iconic dishes on the menu. Safe bet.

The Hidden Japanese. Llauder, 1. grupotragaluz.com/restaurante/el-japones-escondido

Show must go on

Stories overdose

Suddenly, the waiters start jumping. A singer gurgles to the chorus of ‘I will survive’. Disco music caresses your neck. If you close your eyes and open them again, you will think that you are in a Hollywood setting. Is Wild, ‘the place to be‘for hangouts with friends or dinners with coworkers. And unlike many restaurants-show, the Japanese inspired food in this immense space is of the highest quality. Expensive, but supreme. Wagyu a la robata, spectacular nigiris, a lot of production and a lot of atmosphere for you to celebrate Christmas with your tribe in a space where you inhale luxury, exhale pose and, don’t be scared, the waiters dance by surprise.

Wild: Enric Granados, 86. barcelona.salvaje.world

Christmas enchilada

soft what spring

Enough of Christmas dinners at Tex Mex restaurants that sprinkle ketchup on tacos. This year you will go to a Mexican in which a Mexican would eat, an authentic restaurant like The Tarantula of Saints. Since Albert Serra took over his stoves, this restaurant has become a Referrer absolute. The Catalan cook is a madman of the traditional mexican cuisine and he practices it with pride, fleeing clichés and aberrations ‘made in Spain’. His moles are the best I have ever tasted, the green aguachile and the ‘come back to life’ would make Franco’s corpse dance trap, and his tacos would pass the cotton test in the streets of Michoacán. 100% real.

The tarantula: Valladolid, 40. Instagram: @latarantula_restaurant

Mouth to ear

It’s time for cake

There’s a new Asador de Aranda in the Paral • lel that tries to seduce a younger and more casual audience, without losing an iota of its Castilian identity. Has roast lamb, of course, and dishes as effective as scrambled eggs with Iberian ham, asparagus yolks or cheese boards. But if you’re sick of burger joint Christmas gatherings, the answer is a good cake. In this Asador, the star dish is the pig ear cake, with that typical bread from Aranda de Duero absorbing the juices and abundant crunchy and gelatinous ear cuts inside: he turns the happy bacon cheesebuger a thousand times. By the way, there is also a lamb cake and a children’s menu for your cretin brother-in-law.

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Asador de Aranda: Paral•lel, 76. asadordearanda.net


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