To face the dangerousness of the fourth wave carried by the Delta variant, the government of Quebec has opted for a responsible decision: it will require health workers to be vaccinated to work in the presence of sick patients.

In this fight against COVID-19, the severity of the measures has been in tune with the risk posed to the health system and the more fragile groups. This decision will undoubtedly be criticized, because it scratches the field of individual freedoms, but the benefit of the community was considered more important.

Let’s look at the matter from a different perspective. What ? ! No less than 9% of people working in the health sector have not yet answered the call for the vaccine? This figure is surreal if we take into account the fact that these workers at the front of the pandemic are in the best position to understand the importance of being vaccinated to avoid seeing one’s health deteriorate. In the worst moments of previous waves, when the death curves made you dizzy, it was healthcare workers who were haunted by grim images at the end of their shifts.

The Prime Minister Francois Legault and his close advisers consider the situation sufficiently worrying to arrive at this type of more muscular measure. They agree with what we see elsewhere in the world; With experience helping, nations are now no longer delaying in halting the potentially harmful effects of the fourth wave.

New Zealand, the world anti-COVID-19 champion, must reconfine a portion of its population this week because it has noted community contamination within its borders. Without waiting for the increase in cases, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern let three days pass between the detection of the case of contamination in Auckland and the decision to confine the citizens – a measure “swift and radical”, by her own admission, but which s ‘accords with the ferocity of the variant.

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Since the devil is hiding in the details, he is happy to learn that the opposition parties will be able to discuss and nourish the reflection on the compulsory vaccination of health workers, as decided by the CAQ team. A parliamentary committee should start next week with this single topic of conversation. M. Legault still judges that it was not useful to invite the oppositions to discuss the entry into force of the vaccination passport, most we disagree with this freedom of action that his government has allowed itself, even if it is a question of non-essential activities. Parliamentary debates can and must resume – and this goes for the democratic exercise which requires the addition of points of view, even if they are discordant.

The fall will therefore be made of conversations still focused on ways to deal with COVID-19, in its new form dictated by the Delta. Quebec has not yet decided to impose the vaccine on teachers or other government employees, as did Justin trudeau for the federal public service, but this question of the disclosure of vaccine proof will be on everyone’s lips, like it or not, even in the workplaces that will soon repatriate employees to the office.

Those who hoped for the Prime Minister’s return in front of the cameras to learn more about the start of the school year will have been disappointed.

Questions are still jostling in the minds of parents and teachers on the eve of the first days of school, especially with regard to how schools will deal with the removal of an infected child and his colleagues from the hospital. the class.

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However, we can be happy to learn that wearing a mask will be compulsory in classes at CEGEP and university, and hope that the recommendations of Public Health concerning primary and secondary education, still awaited, will go in the same direction. .

Children under 12, for whom no vaccine formula has yet been approved, are less likely to develop a severe form of COVID-19 than older Quebecers, but the number of cases of pediatric infections with which make up some American states gives shivers down your spine. This is why, even in Quebec, children’s hospitals prepare to welcome young patients if the fourth wave causes an outbreak.

The pandemic remains an unpredictable beast to which we must adjust in real time, and which sometimes requires drastic measures.

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