The image was unthinkable not long ago, but it does not convince Afghans. A member of the Taliban is interviewed by a presenter on a private channel. The group said that thewomens rights will be respected but guided by Islamic law. A nuance that reinforces the concerns of the population.

The fear of a return to Sharia

For the first time since the Taliban returned to Kabul, a group of women demonstrated. They came with banners in front of the controlled presidential palace. They demanded that the rights of Afghan women be protected. Under their previous rule, the Taliban had imposed a harsh version of Islamic law and women could neither work nor study.

“_The Taliban send reassuring messages on the issue of women and guaranteeing women’s human rights, but their actions on the ground are different. So Afghan women are afraid. I share these fears having spent my childhood under the Taliban. We have been fighting them for 20 years. I would say they will adopt the same policies as they did during the early days of their regime, but maybe it will be even more brutal. ” Hosna Jalil, former Afghan Deputy Minister for Women’s Affairs, fears

In Herat, little girls were able to return to class, dressed in a hijab, but many schools and universities remain closed, especially in the capital. Despite the promises of the Taliban, the confidence of Afghans is far from won.

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