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United States troops have taken full control of the airport in Accept after the scenes of chaos experienced on Monday of Afghans who tried to flee the country, leaving six dead, while the Taliban, in an apparent non-aggression pact, protect the surroundings to reinforce security.

“The crowd was expelled last night and taken outside the Kabul airport compound and now the situation is calm and under control,” an employee of the Afghan private airline Kam Air told the Efe agency on Tuesday.

Although commercial flights, particularly domestic flights, have not been resumed, “we expect Kam Air flights to resume in the next two or three days,” he added.

Calm has returned to the airport in the Afghan capital after this Monday, on the first day of the country under the control of the Taliban, thousands of people desperate to flee Afghanistan unleashed chaos trying to board repatriation flights.

The tide of people clogged the airport to reach the runway, where thousands more were trying to get on planes or stop moving aircraft from taking off without them.

At this time, only airport employees and citizens with travel documents can enter the airport.

If someone tries to enter the civilian part of the airport in an irregular way, the Taliban fighters prevent them from outside, he told Efe Waris, who sells drinks near the door of the airfield.

Among the thousands of people who rushed to the airport were Afghans who worked for US and NATO forces in the past twenty years, including those whose visa applications were rejected.

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But most were people driven by rumors that Canada and the United States were evacuating all citizens arriving at the airport, even without a passport, visa or ticket.

At least six people, including a Taliban, died yesterday as part of the airport situation, according to several eyewitnesses informed Efe.

Taliban in the civil terminal

The United States, which has taken over air control of the terminal, resumed its military flights destined to repatriate American citizens, diplomatic personnel, and thousands of Afghans and other countries who worked with its forces during the twenty-year war against the Taliban.

“As of this morning the military flights were resumed,” a spokesman for the US forces told Efe on condition of anonymity.

The Taliban, trying to control the crowds at the airport on Monday, withdrew to the vicinity of the airfield after a clash with US forces.

At this time there is only the presence of the Taliban fighters at the entrance of the civil terminal, while the military zone is under the control of the Americans, through which the troops and Afghans who worked with the coalition forces enter and who they got special visas to leave the country.

In addition, a dozen Taliban checkpoints guard the streets that lead to the capital’s airport, although the fighters have not stopped traffic to the airport or interrogated the passengers of the vehicles.

Efe has visited dozens of Taliban checkpoints in the city, in which the insurgents only deal with checking cars without asking passengers questions.

The rapid advance of the Taliban, who achieved the capture of Kabul last Sunday ending the war, disrupted the plans of international missions to evacuate their citizens from the country, but flights have begun to resume and with them hundreds of foreigners and Afghans hope to leave the country.

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