• The Supreme Court announced that it will not intervene in the controversial tax case of former President Donald Trump.
  • The Supreme Court announcement on Trump’s taxes is a considerable defeat for him.
  • The Supreme Court decision is the apparent culmination of a long legal battle over Trump’s taxes.

In a considerable defeat for former President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court on Monday refused to overturn a ruling ordering him to turn over his tax returns to the New York state attorney’s office.

The Supreme Court’s decision is the apparent culmination of a lengthy legal battle that had once reached the main court, the news agency reported. AP.

Trump’s tax returns were not to be released as part of the prosecution’s criminal investigation, but the Supreme Court’s move is a blow to Trump because he has long fought on multiple fronts to keep the statements hidden.

The ongoing investigation of which the statements are part could also represent a problem for Trump who has called it “a fishing expedition” and “the greatest witch hunt in history.”

The Supreme Court waited months to act on the case.

The last written report on the case was presented on October 19. But a court that includes three Trump appointees waited for the election, the false claims of fraud and a month after Trump left office to pass.

The court gave no explanation for his delay and the legal issue before the judges did not include whether Trump deserved any special deference because he was president.

The Supreme Court order is a victory for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who has attempted to obtain Trump’s tax returns since 2019 as part of an investigation.

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Vance, a Democrat, had ordered the accounting firm Mazars, which has long kept accounts for Trump and his businesses, to release the statements.

trump taxes

Mazars said he would abide by the order, but Trump, a Republican, sued to block it.

Vance’s office said it will now be able to demand delivery of the documents, but it was unclear when that will happen.

Trump will discuss the future of Republicans and Biden in a conservative forum

On the other hand, Trump will close the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) next Sunday, a conservative forum that takes place in Orlando, Florida, where he will talk about the future of Republicans, as well as Joe Biden and the “protection” of the elections, among other issues, reported Efe.

This is Trump’s first public intervention since he left the presidency on January 20. The CPAC will start next Thursday, but the work sessions will begin a day later.

Thanks to the fact that Republican congressmen, except a dozen, closed ranks around him, Trump was acquitted this month in the impeachment trial opened in Congress as an alleged instigator of the violence unleashed by his supporters on Capitol Hill on January 6.

According to sources close to Trump quoted in different media on Saturday, the former US president will talk about the “future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement” and the “disastrous” policies of the current president, Democrat Joe Biden, on the subject of immigration and border.

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