Jam band One day, jam band always. Barry Paquin Roberge may launch next Friday Introduction to Extasy, a first official album of original compositions, the group will never escape its destiny: to serve as a pretext to make the party, with a lot of languid psychedelic disco-funk grooves and kitsch costumes. “It is indeed not bad! »Says Sébastien Paquin, singer, guitarist and, incidentally, boss of Costume Records, which publishes the album.

“I remember, explains Paquin, that during our first serious meeting for this project, we wondered what our main objective was. Alexis [Roberge] spontaneously replied: “To have fun ! ” Just like that, Barry Paquin Roberge was born.

Chances are great that Barry Paquin Roberge is the favorite band of your favorite band. Because this hard core of three musicians (“But we only form one brain,” Paquin emphasizes with a laugh) would not exist without the collaboration of colleagues, and Introduction to Extasy is the symbol: the trio is made up of three men, but their music is inconceivable without the female voices – starting with that of Anna Frances Meyer, the dynamo of the garage rock duo Les Deuxluxes completed by Étienne Barry, singer and keyboardist of Barry Paquin Roberge.

Nearly ten musician friends came to lend a hand to the group during the recording. “This album is really a collective work,” confirms Étienne Barry. It was important for us to have everyone with whom we have worked in recent years – our approach is really inclusive. “

But on stage, Barry Paquin Roberge swells its ranks with anyone who goes through it. The trio then becomes a collective generating an orgy of grooves – the guys always have white costumes in addition, which, miraculously, are suitable for all sizes -, and we keep in mind a late night at the Festival of emerging music of Rouyn- Noranda, with Anna Frances, Joe of the Breastfeeders on bass, and Dany Placard, gorgeous in her tight costume, furiously banging on a cowbell.

This album is really a collective work. It was important for us to have everyone with whom we have worked in recent years – our approach is really inclusive

“Dany played a second concert with us, which we had licensed last year, on Valentine’s Day, in an Ashton restaurant in Quebec,” Barry recalls. He had been dressed in an Elvis costume that we had bought from a costume designer who had gone bankrupt, and he was still playing the cowbell… Seems to me that Dany made much more psychedelic albums since these two shows– is! »

You will have understood that the music of Barry Paquin Roberge is a joyous outlet, and that this first album, Introduction to Extasy, falls right to put a little color in our winter. “We had planned to launch it last May,” says Paquin. “We finally said to ourselves that at some point, this record had to be released, especially since we are already working on the next album. In addition, we still make music positive, dancing, the fun, which feels good when we all bathe in this ocean of m… ”Étienne Barry adds:“ It changes the place of evil! “

Traveling in music

Even more diverse than the inaugural EP Travel Massage Released in 2017, this first disc amalgamates the host of influences that shaped Barry Paquin Roberge’s space disco, starting with the complete discography of the Bee Gees, a privileged point of reference for the trio, followed by the work of ABBA and from Toulouse, “a disco sound that is still a little complicated – I think dance music is more complex to make than more introspective music,” says Sébastien. The first extracts that we launched [BPR Strut et Eyes on You] are very disco and dancing, intended for radio stations, but elsewhere on the album, we are still very prog ”.

“Thanks to this project, we traveled a lot, so we are inspired by the finds we made in record stores”, especially those in Brazil. “We realized that in Brazil, they vibrated like in Quebec or in Italy at the beginning of the 1980s, on the disco and pop side”, continues Sébastien, also citing Gino Soccio, Diane Tell and the futuristic disco experiences of Jean- Pierre Massiera. Étienne also insists on the disco work of Rita Lee, ex-member of the legendary Os Mutantes orchestra, and on the genius Marcos Valle.

“Somewhere, it’s very pop what we do”, specifies Alexis, recognizable on the album for his tone of voice reminiscent of Mick Jagger. It’s catchy, it sounds very simple, but in reality, in the studio and on stage, each of us always does two or three things at the same time. “

Barry, Paquin and Roberge are chomping at the bit today, waiting for the resumption of concerts and the abolition of the two-meter distance. “Our group is pretty much our bubble these days,” says Étienne. Since November, we started rehearsing together in the studio to build our concert, because when it starts again, we will want to be ready! Playing together keeps the focus, it spares our mental health. And since we are optimists, it’s been three months that we are sure that the shows will resume tomorrow morning! “

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Introduction to Extasy

Barry Paquin Roberge, Costume Records, on sale February 26


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