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Alexander Ceferin is keen to take his friendship with state clubs to a new level. The president of the UEFA will bend to the wishes of Manchester City Y PSG with a Financial Fair Play less restrictive with petrodollar equipment. The Slovenian will ‘reward’ in this way the position of Al-Khelaifi against European Super League and the two-way game that the citizens.

UEFA will comply with its ‘threat’ of being less strict in economic control and will propose a new Financial Fair Play at its next congress in September. The highest European body will make up its decision with a system to “NBA style”. The teams will have 70% of their income for salaries, however, anyone could increase that limit if they go through the box and face a luxury tax.

The money from this new tax, in theory, will be distributed among the rest of the clubs, although there is still no information on how this distribution would take place and if UEFA itself will keep a percentage of the final assembly.

UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland


The luxury tax will benefit Manchester City and PSG, as they will be able to spend more than the rest by having both Abu Dabi What Qatar unlimited financial resources. Paradoxically, although it is not a surprise after the creation of the Super League, the most affected will be the clubs that belong to its members and live only on the income they generate, such as the cases of Real Madrid Y Barcelona.

Also, the luxury tax could be taken as an investment. The impact of this would not be immediate, but a posteriori and that it could come to nothing if the sports results accompany it. Therefore, this new UEFA Financial Fair Play will allow PSG and City to escape all preventive controls. In LaLiga It happens the other way around, since the salary limit, if it is exceeded, prevents the registration of players for that same season as has happened to Barcelona with Leo messi.

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Logically, Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s PSG has already been in favor of this proposal by Ceferin. The team of Emir of Qatar He is currently the UEFA President’s preferred partner. This concession is further proof that the European body has abandoned the historic teams to embrace the interests of the state clubs.

The appointment of Al-Khelaifi as president of the ECA (Association of European Clubs) After the schism for the Super League, it was a declaration of intent by a Ceferin that continues at war with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus despite the fact that justice has been giving the reason to the latter and has avoided further reprisals by UEFA.

Ceferin’s contradiction reaches such a point that a UEFA report last May spoke of “the need to reduce wages and transfer prices.” The new Financial Fair Play will be tried to sell as a responsible way of controlling the economy of the clubs without harming those entities, oligarchs or states that wish to invest more money in football. That is, so as not to harm PSG, City and even the Chelsea of Romanian Abramovich.

The FPF of the Superliga

Since his arrival to the UEFA presidency in 2016, Ceferin has pointed out the need for economic control to balance the forces between big and small. However, in recent years his decisions have shown that he has given more and more free rein to Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

This new UEFA Financial Fair Play collides head-on with the one who wanted to implement the Super League. The new competition powered by Florentino Pérez It had in its bases the strict fulfillment of some control norms and always without exceeding the disbursement a percentage of the own income generated by each club.

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These financial sustainability criteria were to set a spending framework that would prevent state clubs from investing all the money they wanted in signings and salaries. That is to say, the opposite of what UEFA is now proposing and that will give the green light to the economic doping of teams like PSG or City.

This inequality in Europe It is clear just by analyzing the latest transfer market. City has bought Jack Grealish for 117 million euros and now he wants to ‘rob’ Harry Kane al Tottenham. Meanwhile, PSG has signed players like Messi, Sergio Ramos, Donnarumma O Wijnaldum at zero cost, but with exorbitant salaries. And he has also paid 60 million euros for the ex-Madridista Achraf despite having given 250 million euros of losses last season. Finally, Abramovich’s Chelsea has been reinforced with Lukaku for 115 million euros.

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