The best thing about Malasaña’s homophobic attack is that it was an invention. It is a general relief that there was no victim or heinous crime. And then there is the other.

The other is the government’s brutal campaign against the opposition and against the Madrid authorities, accusing them of allowing (if not directly encouraging) attacks on homosexuals, within this irresponsible maneuver to convert the Spanish right (that is, half of Spain ) in incompatible with democracy.

From Sunday to Wednesday the bombardment has been constant. While the investigation of the case was still in its infancy, the president Sánchez He led the demonstration on Twitter and later announced a meeting of the Monitoring Commission to update the Action Plan against Hate Crimes.

“The police still continue without making any arrests,” the most listened to radio news in the country insisted every hour, creating the feeling that even the State Security Forces were trying to cover up the matter. On television, there were not a few presenters and talk shows who painted a Madrid with an unbreathable atmosphere: the capital of hatred of the different.

And while the discourse of the parties in the Government continued to flare up, demonstrations were called, institutional statements were prepared and urgent meetings of parliamentary groups were requested, yes, with vetoes and sanitary cordons to continue drilling to the right.

The moral superiority of the left had to be clear … although historical memory does not exactly accompany it in this. Until four days ago, as you say, communism considered homosexuality a sign of aristocratic and bourgeois decadence, and accused the right of promoting it. In 1965, Jaime Gil de Biedma they rejected him the entrance to the PSUC because he was gay. Stalin sent homosexuals to Siberia, Mao considered them “mentally ill”, Castro He took them to “cure” them in fields presided over by this inscription: “Work will make you men.”

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One believed that what happened in the middle of the campaign of the Madrid women (Madrid always as a backdrop) would have served as a lesson. So the vice president Iglesias and the minister Marlaska They publicly denounced, before the investigation even began, having found bullets and threatening texts in their mail. The Government took out all the artillery against “hate speech” and showed the entire world the projectiles, as well as a bloody razor addressed to the minister Reyes Maroto.

First it was found that the author of the shipment of the knife was a disturbed person, and that the edge did not contain blood, but paint. Regarding the bullets, the judge closed the matter without further ado.

The case of Malasaña shows, once again, to what extent political interest and haste lead the Government, organizations and institutions (including the media) to mobilize for an unlikely story (eight hooded men torturing in broad daylight in the heart of Madrid) and without contrast.

In other words, democracy is not in danger in Spain because there are homophobic attacks and parties that induce them. Democracy is at risk because the testimony of a crazy person and a scandal on social networks make the Executive and the entire ruling class of the country run like a chicken without a head.

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