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The different commissions of 8-M they are already working to prepare a protest day “more necessary than ever” but keeping the security measures, aware that last year, feminist demonstrations were in the eye of the hurricane due to the coronavirus.

Although the specific acts have not yet been announced, it is known that women want return to “take the streets” this 8-M, as they assure from the Madrid commission, although they are seeing how it can be done to guarantee all the security measures.

For now, what has been ruled out is the feminist strike which has been called for other years, since it makes no sense in the situation of social crisis that the country is experiencing with the pandemic.

This 2021 edition takes place in the midst of a pandemic and after the criticism caused by its celebration last year. The opposition pointed to the 8-M demonstration to criticize the Government’s management at the beginning of the health crisis and as a source of contagion, when the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, or the Minister of Health, then of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darias, tested positive for coronavirus days after participating.

According to sources close to the organizers, the Madrid 8-M Commission would be organizing a central act in the capital, which could be a static demonstration in which “all sanitary measures” would be guaranteed, but above all we want to give a lot of visibility to “the calls in neighborhoods and towns”, which means maintaining the presence in the streets but decentralizing the protest acts to avoid numerous concentrations.

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The last decision on the act of Madrid It is held by the Government Delegation that would be studying the proposal to see how it could fit with the security measures maintained by the Ayuso Government.

As well Similar proposals are also being made in other provincial capitals where there are already events called for March 8, as in León, where a reading of the manifesto will be made, maintaining the social distance with purple ribbons.

Victims of the crisis

It’s about continuing demanding the rights of women more urgently than ever since, according to all studies, female workers have been the main victim in this crisis, both at work level and in assuming most of the care with teleworking and in front line jobs.

In 2020, representatives of political parties, such as PP and Ciudadanos, also participated in the demonstration, which in 2021 can rejoin, since the call for these events is carried out through open assemblies and anyone who wants to join does so freely.

However, the 8M Commission has explained that among the organizations that form it there has always been a consensus on the rights of trans people and, according to sources, any association that calls itself feminist and that attacks the human rights of people trans does not enter his story.

The coronavirus is not the only obstacle the feminist movement is facing. The trans Law prepared by the Ministry of Equality It has generated disagreements between the Government partners due to the depathologization of transsexuality and gender self-determination.

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These disagreements have also been transferred to the feminist movement, since there is a part of it that believes that this self-determination of gender will allow any man who feels like a woman to benefit from the rights for which the movement has been fighting for decades.

In this position is the Alliance against the Erasure of Women, which, as explained, will celebrate 8M as “a day of vindication of the feminist agenda.” “The debates are not raised against anyone. We will be in the demand for our agenda linked to equality between women and men,” said the association.

As he has highlighted to Europa Press, the debate on queer gender “is for feminism an unforeseen agenda that has nothing to do with the feminist agenda” and that, at present, its concerns “and that of the vast majority of NGOs of women “focus” on precariousness, sexual and reproductive exploitation, the unfair disadvantages they face, the presence of women in science, political representation or the impact of sexual abuse and assault.

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