Prime Minister Blaine Higgs has announced that all public sector employees will need to be vaccinated.

He made the announcement Wednesday outside the provincial legislature. He says the problem right now is that people procrastinate to get the injection.

Details on exactly how this “requirement” will work were not released Wednesday, but Higgs said it will do more if people don’t start rolling up their sleeves within the public sector.

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“I say this under a public health recommendation. It is a public health advisory, ”he said in an interview with journalists. “In this sense, it will be a requirement that if we have to go further with regulation, time will tell.”

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Late last month, one of the two health authorities in the province said it was in a discussion about whether to make the vaccine mandatory. Higgs said this mandate includes health authorities, long-term care workers and teachers under the province’s jurisdiction.

Higgs said anything with government funding will meet this requirement.

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In May, he asked government attorneys to investigate whether the COVID-19 vaccine could be an employment condition for those who work in long-term care homes.

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Higgs wanted to know if it could be an option in case vaccination rates among employees remain low.

In July, the Department of Social Development also said it was not considering making vaccinations mandatory.

“Clarifying what I must say because I am saying here and now we are going to proceed with what is a mandatory vaccine program,” he said.

Other places that do the mandate

Ontario’s progressive Conservative Prime Minister Doug Ford is demanding that his entire group be vaccinated, according to the government whip.

Government whip Lorne Coe has issued a letter saying that it was discussed at a caucus meeting that “all members of the Progressive Conservative team” should get vaccinated unless they are medically incapable of doing so.

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Two PCs face elimination if they do not receive the vaccine by Thursday, according to the Canadian Press.

Several Canadian universities have made it mandatory, including the University of British Columbia, the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Western University, among others.

None of New Brunswick’s colleges will require the vaccine, according to earlier email statements from all three colleges.

At least 71.5 percent of New Brunswick residents are fully vaccinated, and the number is slowly increasing.

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