• Pepe Origel confirms in video that the second dose of coronavirus vaccine has already been applied
  • He even reveals that allegedly, authorities did not ask him for a visa to enter the United States
  • Take the opportunity to make fun and presume that he walks and walks in Miami

After the commotion caused by the television host Pepe Origel, when an image of his trip to the United States to be vaccinated against the coronavirus leaked, now he himself confirmed that he went to Miami to be administered the second dose and without a visa.

And he even revealed that the immigration authorities, supposedly, did not ask him to show the essential document to enter the United States.

It was through his official Instagram account @juanjoseorigel that the famous presenter published a video in which he explains what he did and also sends advice to all his followers.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Instagram @juanjoseorigel

In a verbatim way, Pepe Origel said: “Well, here I am in Miami, I came to get the second vaccine (coronavirus), so I have nothing left but to thank God for being vaccinated, in any case I will continue to take care of myself, because we have to continue taking care of ourselves even if we are vaccinated ”.

“This is going to continue, but all I ask of God is that hopefully everyone, everyone, is vaccinated, that’s the most beautiful thing, I’m going to keep going around here in Miami, they didn’t even ask me for a visa, nothing, here I go, look, walk and walk, hahahaha ”.

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After confessing what he did when visiting the United States, there was no lack of support from celebrities such as the host Gustavo Adolfo Infante who wrote the following: “Congratulations. We each take care of our life. I hug you. The problem is the envious pinc… s who don’t like anything ”.

The controversy began when Pepe Origel, on his Twitter and Instagram account, published a photo where he is seen inside his vehicle and a doctor is applying the coronavirus vaccine.

In his message he said that he had to travel to Miami, to be able to apply the dose, since in Mexico he does not even know when he could do it. “It is done! How sad I am, that I had to come to the USA to get the vaccine and in our country no one knows when or how !!!!!! And free !! ”, published Origel.

Pepe Origel coronavirus vaccine

After the first image he shared when he went to his first dose, rumors began to appear that his visa would be taken away, a situation that did not happen.

In the first publication, he received criticism from celebrities, among them the clown Cepillín: “The menso boasted it and he would not have done it and nobody finds out. They will give me (the vaccine) in 15 days in Mexico, what do I have to spend? I am already registered with my wife ”.

But after Pepe Origel applied the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, people could not stop giving their opinion.

“I never understood why they were so relaxed that you were vaccinated, we all have the right to the vaccine and for our health we must look for it if we have the money and the way, what is the problem, how well you are already vaccinated, blessings,” said a woman .

Image taken from Instagram @juanjoseorigel

Another person celebrated that Pepe Origel came to Miami to apply the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and that they did not even ask for a visa to enter the United States.

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“I’m glad all the envious are going to start talking, but I live in the US and pay taxes and it doesn’t bother me that someone like you has had the vaccine, we are all the same,” wrote one of the Internet users.

One more follower defended him: “Thank God, all the intriguing gossipers, who said that they took away your visa, be careful”.

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