Pedro Sanchez has taken advantage of his appearance in Congress to give an account of his management of the pandemic to import into the fight against Covid the new environment that seems to be imprinting on politics: he remains in league with Pablo Iglesias but they don’t stop fighting, and keep fighting with Pablo Casado but it reaches deep institutional agreements with him. “Society is exhausted, it asks for generosity,” he said.

In full negotiation of the renewal of the CGPJ, RTVE Constitutional Court and Ombudsman … with a new environment between the PSOE and the PP and while United We Can not stop looking for reasons internal row in the government With the socialists, Sánchez stood above the political fights and asked for support in the battle against Covid: “I ask what I offer, unit”.

The president attended the plenary session of Congress this Wednesday for the second time, four months after the declaration of the state of alarm. Before the control session, the head of the Government appeared with the vaccination campaign almost at cruising speed -more than a million people with the complete guideline and more than 3 million with it started- and the day after Spain came out of extreme risk due to Covid, dropping from 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 15 days.

In this sense, his speech was reminiscent of that of two months ago. On December 16, Sánchez passed the first exam and asked for caution “to avoid a third wave, it is in our hands.”

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On this Wednesday, his speech was traced: “We must not lower our guard, we must avoid the fourth wave,” he said. While you promised that “Spain will receive four times more vaccines in the next quarter”. The president promised that “we are seeing the end of the pandemic” and announced unprecedented tools to do so.

Safety net

Perhaps taking advantage of this environment, somewhat more relaxed in terms of health, the president did not invent new scripts, but rather chose to repeat the hackneyed arguments of the last year: he appealed to applause on the balconies, he recalled the change in the social paradigm, thanked those who were on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic … and, again, he appealed to unity.

In any case, the day after the celebration of the victory of democracy over the coup of 23-F, Edro Sánchez, in this also, did not improvise: He again applied sticks to the PP as the best way to ask for support. “That unity that was possible at the territorial level, with the conferences of presidents and the Interterritorial Health Council; at the European level, with the agreement of last July for the recovery fund; at the social level, with the commitment and behavior disciplined of the population … but that was not possible at the political level here in Parliament. “

Pedro Sánchez, Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias in the Congress of Deputies.


The president boasted of the economic support measures for companies and workers. And in this he did show a turn. He no longer called him “social shield”, as he does Pablo Iglesias, to the 16,000 delivered to the CCAA in Covid funds, or to the tens of thousands of euros spent on ERTE … This time he picked up the terminology of Nadia Calvin: “It is a safety net that has protected the economy, will modernize it and keep jobs at risk and create new ones.”

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He also announced a new package of direct aid to SMEs and the self-employed worth 11,000 million of euros. “Our safety net has worked, and now it needs to be strengthened to protect jobs and prepare to create new ones, thanks to European reconstruction funds,” he said.

The president had reviewed the year of the virus. In just over a year, he said, the world has lost 2.5 million people. Covid has taught us that we must change our way of life and consumption … “and the importance of public services, and even accelerate the reforms we had planned.”

Sánchez said that in three years will create 850,000 “quality” jobs, thanks to the Recovery Plan. With European funds, “you have to know how to manage” the president promised to take advantage of the tools of solidarity “to leave no one behind, promote training and reform our production model.”

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