The chaos generated in Kabul after the sudden American fright and the subsequent reconquest of the country by the Taliban insurgents It has turned the rescue of the Spanish embassy staff into a devilishly complex mission.

At the time of writing this editorial, the two military planes that the Government intended to send to Kabul for this evacuation were still in Zaragoza, although the first of them was scheduled to take off at 10:30 p.m. and the second, at 9:00 a.m. in the morning of this Tuesday.

The atrocious scenes experienced at the Kabul airport, with thousands of Afghan citizens invading the runways, climbing onto planes before take-off and falling from hundreds of meters above sea level are proof that the evacuation of Western embassy personnel and of your collaborators has become an apocalyptic for himself. Something whose responsibility lies entirely with the dire retirement plan devised by the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, dozens of Taliban patrols roam the city in their Toyota vans looking for collaborators and making it difficult for embassy employees to get to the airport. As EL ESPAÑOL explains today, the insurgents are already inspecting house to house in search of those who have worked for Western governments.

Pedro Sánchez must lead

In these circumstances, it is imperative that Pedro Sanchez interrupt your vacation and take charge of the rescue in coordination with the head of the opposition, Pablo Casado.

Sánchez, unlike Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson and of course Joe Biden, is the only leader of a great western country that has not yet given explanations to its citizens. And all of it while hundreds of Spaniards and their Afghan collaborators remain stuck in the Kabul mousetrap.

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The rescue of Spanish personnel, and of hundreds of collaborators together with their wives and children, is a complex operation that requires the intervention of military personnel, diplomatic means and all the ministries involved.

Fortunately, Spain has an undoubtedly competent Defense Minister and a Foreign Minister seasoned in the twists and turns of international diplomacy.

But the president cannot place the responsibility of a matter like this on the shoulders of Margaret Robles Y Jose Manuel Albares. The evacuation of Spanish personnel is a matter of State and requires the intervention of the Prime Minister. It is precisely at times like this that a leader must step forward. and give the chest to protect its citizens.

Workers and families

The absolute priority of the Spanish Government must now be to rescue the staff of the Spanish embassy in Kabul, composed mainly of civilian and diplomatic workers, but also by the police officers in charge of the security of the headquarters.

But Spain also owes a debt to all those Afghan citizens who have collaborated with the Spanish Government, and among which are both translators and maintenance personnel.

The debt also reaches, of course, their families. Because when the Taliban arrive at their doorstep, they will make no distinction between men, women and children. All of them will suffer the worst of possible fates.

The situation at Kabul airport remains chaotic, although it appears to have improved slightly in recent hours. But the volatility of the situation and the possibility of an insurgent faction acting on its own or a confrontation breaking out on the streets of Kabul urges to explore all possible avenues for an immediate evacuation of the Spaniards who still remain in Kabul.

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