Friday, January 15

WhatsApp pushes back changes to its terms of service

WhatsApp will stop working on some smartphones in 2021 - Geeko Would she have heard the popular sling? After the many fears surrounding data sharing, WhatsApp has announced that it will postpone the change of its terms of use for three months.Additional delay until mid-MayFor several days, users have been saying their desire to quit the instant communication application, by refusing to share data with its parent company, Facebook. Competing applications, such as Signal or Telegram, had recorded an increase in downloads."We are now delaying the date by which users will hav...

Trump to leave Washington hours before Biden’s inauguration

Obviously wishing not to leave the American federal capital as ex-president, the former businessman, very sensitive to decorum, will join Florida and his luxurious club of Mar-a-Lago before the end of his mandate. , where he intends to settle. After a helicopter departure from the gardens of the White House, he will fly from the military base in Andrews (Maryland) for his last flight aboard Air Force One. In Washington, an unrecognizable city transformed into an entrenched camp after the violence at the Capitol, preparations are continuing for the swearing in of Joe Biden, who will become, Wednesday at noon, the 46th president in the history of the United States. Limited offer. 2 months for 1 € without commitment His team distills the deta...
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Costco offers 65-inch TCL TV for $ 90 off

The TCL 65-inch 4K HDR Series 4 Smart TV (65S423) is on sale at Costco. The TV is regularly available for $ 589 and is on sale for $ 499. This 65-inch TV offers 4K ultra HD with HDR 10, Roku TV integration, three HDMI ports, and a native 60Hz refresh rate. It's worth noting that Costco's website says the TV costs $ 509 before you pay, but if you go through the purchase process, the subtotal with the $ 32 environmental fee comes out to $ 531. That said, when MobileSyrup Reporter Jon went through the checkout process, the environmental fee was only $ 10 so your mileage may vary. However, the green fee for 65-inch screen TVs is $ 32 in Ontario. The offer is available until February 4.

Restrictions: Ontario Conservative MP kicked out of caucus

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has expelled an elected official from his political party after he challenged the new restrictions in force in the province. It all started with a letter to Mr. Ford from Conservative MP Roman Baber. In it, Mr. Baber expressly asks the Prime Minister to end confinement and to favor the implementation of restrictions only in places with a higher risk of contamination. The elected York Center commented on his expulsion on Friday, speaking of “a regrettable decision”, stressing that other deputies share his opinion. "The containment is based on false public health accounts, bad planning and bad data," he added, saying Doug Ford only cares about his re-election. “I couldn't look at the pain anymore,” he said....

To you who deserve a medal of dishonor

It's like telling you that I need you and you weren't coming, like I needed to talk to you, but you weren't listening to me.Are you letting me down? You let me down in our fight, you pretend it doesn't concern you. I am here, fighting, telling myself that I am going to win. I try to motivate myself worse when I bend my knees, tired, hurt, I stretch out my hand and you look away, leaving me alone in the face of adversity which takes the opportunity to strike harder.I thought, however, that we were from the same clan. I thought you and me were allies, I never thought you would side with the camp on the other side.If we were at war, you would be the deserter for lack of conviction or lack of honor, you would hide in the woods or in the mountains to avoid attacks. You'd be the one to d...

Arms trafficking involving soldiers: five suspects indicted, four imprisoned

A 31-year-old soldier and a 57-year-old man were remanded in custody. Two other suspects, a 31-year-old former soldier and a 30-year-old man, requested time to prepare their defense before the liberty and detention judge and were jailed pending this debate. A fifth 25-year-old has been placed under judicial control, the same source said. All five were indicted for "acquisition, possession, transfer and transport in assembly of weapons of categories A and B in assembly"and"conspiracy", she clarified. Limited offer. 2 months for 1 € without commitment Four of them are also being prosecuted for "possession of category C weapons", one for"carrying and transporting category D weapons without legitimate reason"and one for"weapon modification"....

Promutuel: employee data could be compromised

Personal information of current and former employees and retirees at Promutuel Insurance could have been compromised as a result of the cyber attack. This is what reveals the analysis of the insurer of Quebec, whose systems have been paralyzed since December. • Read also: Leaked documents: Promutuel Insurance's silence "Faced with this situation, and as a precautionary measure, Promutuel Insurance confirms that it will offer them a credit monitoring and protection service," management said in a statement Friday. Promutuel currently has nearly 2,000 workers. More details to come
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BMW to offer more secure digital keys with ultra-wideband technology

BMW is set to deliver an even better digital car key experience with the addition of ultra-wideband (UWB) support included in the iPhone 11 and 12 series. The automaker has been using Apple's Car Key feature since its launch, but a new announcement seems to take it further by leveraging UWB so you don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket to unlock it. This feature will not be coming to older BMW cars and will only be included in the upcoming BMW iX electric car. This is likely because BMW needs to add UWB to its cars for this functionality to work. UWB technology can make this work because it enables ultra-precise location tracking. For example, if two iPhones with UWB are sitting next to each other at a table, they s...

Andalusia also asks the Government to advance the curfew at 8 pm “out of necessity”

Related news The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has decreed this Friday new restrictions in order to stop the advance of the pandemic, which in the community is already in 463.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In his speech, Moreno has indicated that the Andalusian Government does not have the necessary tools to take the necessary measures.In this sense, the measures adopted by Andalusia are the following: if the Government allows it, Andalusia awill delay the curfew at 20 hours and will order the home confinement of the 91 municipalities with the highest incidence. It will reduce to four the maximum number of meetings and groups in the hospitality industry, orders the perimeter closure of the eight provinces as well as the perimeter cl...

Minister Roberge’s last blunder

During his press conference on Friday, January 8, the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, indicated, among certain measures, that the ministerial exams of this year were canceled, that the delivery of the first school report was postponed and that the value of it on the summary balance sheet was going to be modified. Logical and highly appreciated decisions. All stakeholders in the world of education, however, expected him to announce the new weighting. • Read also: The Roberge game plan Not at all! It was then vaguely understood that he would come back to this subject one day. This silence is all the more appalling as, for weeks, voices have been heard in the education network, university researchers, school administrators as teachers, for the mini...

“Everyone’s talking about it”: the guests of this Sunday

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse will be on the set of Everybody talks about it, this Sunday, January 17, to talk about the sixth and final season of Upper country, and to take stock of the most recent edition of Bye Bye which, unsurprisingly, has become the most watched Quebec show of all time. Jean-Nicolas Verreault and his wife, Jannie-Karina Gagne, will discuss the new documentary series The yard is full(available now on HERE Extra), which describes their hectic family life with their three daughters.The facilitators Marina Orsini and Monic Nero will discuss the return of the show Second chance, whose fourth season will begin this Saturday, January 20 at 8 p.m., on ICI Télé.Guy A. Lepage and Dany Turcotte will also receive the Dr. Danielle Perreault, hospitalized due to CO...