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The president of the PP, Pablo Casado (40 years old), his wife, the psychologist Isabel Torres Orts (52), and their children, Paloma Y Pablito, have shared a Sunday of Camino, ‘botafumeiro’ and selfies outside the Cathedral of Santiago, where everyone, as a family, have attended the Pilgrim’s Mass.

Ten minutes before noon on July 18, the family appeared at the museum door and, once inside, sat in the front row. Once the religious act is over, they have left by Azabachería. It was there, at the moment they have stepped onto the street again, when several of those present have approached the family to, respecting the measures imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, say hello and take a picture.

Married with his wife and children at the Pilgrims’ Mass.


“Galicia is very special for my family,” he confessed in the multipurpose Fontes do Sar, as Pablo and Isabel made the Camino in 2018 after overcoming the long battle that the youngest of the family had to live, who came to the world prematurely, because he was born with just 25 weeks. “Bring that healthy child, now 7 years old, to go as far as possible … a stage, which will be less … and go to Mass in the Cathedral and go through the Holy Door, it is something that comforts me“, has assured Pablo in the last hours.

Pablo Casado taking selfies with some citizens in Santiago de Compostela.

Pablo Casado taking selfies with some citizens in Santiago de Compostela.


In the end, the family has walked only a few minutes, and with a fog that has not been slow to dissipate, but enough for the children to have seen to the pilgrims and feel, thus, the spirit of starting to walk. Pablo Casado promised to do the Camino if his son overcame all the obstacles and he fulfilled three years ago. Now, his intention is to remain linked to the city of the Apostle and the historic pilgrimage route.

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Four years of struggle

Married e Isabel Torres placeholder image They know what it is to fight for what one wants the most, regardless of the sacrifice. That struggle began to be discovered by Pablo and Isabel three weeks before their son, Pablito, was born. At just 22 weeks’ gestation, doctors realized that the bag that protected the fetus was breakingAnd if this happened, the baby’s life would be seriously compromised.

Pablo Casado with his family in a social media image.

Pablo Casado with his family in a social media image.

The doctors, seeing the delicate situation in which Isabel found herself, informed the young woman that in order to prevent her son from being in danger, she would have to be completely immobile in the coming weeks. Eternal days and nights in which the politician did not part with his wife, bedridden, trying not to move a single muscle. Finally, the March 15, 2014 little Pablito, with only 25 weeks gestation and weighing 700 grams, came into the world after the rupture of the amniotic sac. At that time of gestation, a baby has a 52 percent chance of survival, and there are numerous complications that can occur in the future.

To ensure that the little one developed completely in a safe environment, he was admitted to the hospital for four months (two months in the ICU and another two months in observation), a very hard time for any father or mother. In the case of Pablo Casado, the situation was so extreme and stressful that the politician lost “ten kilos, with the hospitalization and all the problems that little Pablito had, “said the father himself in an interview with The sixth.

The politician and his son in a file image.

The politician and his son in a file image.

The PP politician says it in a relaxed tone, with the security of someone who recounts a hard moment knowing that it is already a thing of the past but with the downcast gaze of someone who still feels the weight of those long hours in the hospital. Married recalls that those days passed with him and his wife glued to the “foot of the incubator”, enduring the “many troubles” and after “many operations”.I think it’s from those life experiences that then makes you relativize everything else. Those experiences that make you a better person and a better professional, “said the politician

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The situation was so drastic that Pablo and Isabel promised that if their son finally managed to survive from this ordeal, the family would make the Camino de Santiago to thank this work. Promise that met on August 25, 2018 Pablo, Isabel and their two children.

Solid marriage

One of the fundamental pillars of Pablo Casado is Isabel Torres, his wife for nine years. The couple met while studying at the university, he Law and Business Administration and Management, and she Psychology. Isabel comes from a wealthy family. The young woman is the daughter of Candela Towers Y Maria Dolores Orts, one of the descendants of the owners of the Huerto del Cura group.

The couple were married on June 20, 2009 in the Basilica of Santa Maria de Elche. By then Pablo was a character who was beginning to gain weight in the party, so his wedding was attended by front-line figures of the PP, such as the former president of the government Jose Maria Aznar (68) and his wife, Ana Botella (67), o la former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre (69).

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