REFERRER. Dr. Nancy Álvarez is extremely popular in the Latino community.

Dr. Santiago Rojas works with terminally ill cancer patients in Colombia. He is really a great professional. With him we learned many things in my program, which we share with you.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in developed countries. Prevention is essential, and today we know that one in three types can be avoided with a lifestyle change. For example, by quitting smoking we would remove 16 types generated by smoking, and another 14 related.

Stress is behind many diseases. It is a resource to face situations that demand more energy and attention. But we are not ready to face a constantly stressed life. With modernity, our life changed and stress levels are very high and constant, which is fatal to health.

One of the consequences is that it alters the immune system, which is behind cancer. The entire body is disrupted and cells begin to reproduce uncontrollably, creating a tumor that takes control of the body to destroy it.

Today cancer patients can live longer, but what the patient does is decisive. You must nourish yourself well, listen to your body, enjoy and discover the importance we attach to the present. In this time of pandemic and uncertainty that we have been living, we must live in the moment and enjoy what we have, here and now.

Much of what happens to us depends on our lifestyle. Between 60% and 70% and is summarized in:

1) Nutrition: eat real food, that has been alive and as little transformed as possible.

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2) Sleep in the dark, give yourself time to rest and repair yourself each night.

3) Do physical activity of all kinds, every day; stretching, flexibility, endurance and strength exercises.

4) Have deep relationships with yourself. The most important relationship is with yourself. We must get along with ourselves or we will be in bad company.

5) Live with a personal project, where health and illness are clear. Let’s not destroy our lives to have things that later we will not be able to enjoy. With those things, let’s pay for health. Learn from the disease, when it happens.

In the cancer process, the disease comes from within, which helps us to be more in control. You have to recover the immune system, and for this there are different techniques: meditation, hypnosis or visualization.

Several highly respected authors have used the power of the mind so that we can give the order, in a trance caused by self-hypnosis, to our immune system to destroy cancer cells. The results are fantastic.

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