From one election to the next, we can hope that politics will change, but the same scenario continues to repeat itself: promises made during the election campaign and which are not kept, aberrant decisions that we cling to in the process. mandate (the purchase of a pipeline by the federal government and, closer to home, the third link project between Quebec and Lévis will continue to hold pride of place at the top of political nonsense for a long time), a string of public outings and investments precursors of an upcoming election …

From the moment we saw appear Justin trudeau fresh shaved and combed, contrasting with the dull bearded man with long hair that we saw ad nauseam leaving his residence during the pandemic, we could expect that there would be “rock eel”! Image makers and communications strategists were already hard at work.

Justin Trudeau is trying today to convince us that it is now time to decide on the next steps when not so long ago, he said that there would be no elections in pandemic period!

The holding of elections in full emergence of a fourth wave testifies to an irresponsibility which will make an epoch not only because they will cost additional millions because of the exceptional measures which will have to be put in place, but also because the electoral process risk of being biased by a predictable abstention rate.

Remembering the fable of the fox and the raven by Jean de La Fontaine, Justin Trudeau may redo his “plumage” and refine his “warbling”, it would be to his advantage to keep in mind that as foxes that we are, “We are not suitcases”!

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